Fight for life

Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy are enemies right? Well what happens when Harry falls for his sister and what will happen to Draco who is planning on killing Harry.
Will harry get his dream girl? Or will this bout end in tears?


2. 2.Harry~ Her

As we piled into the train I came across Ginney, then she quickly pulled me into one of the carts and sat me down. In this cart was Shannon, Ron, Hermine, Ginney and me. "Hi are you ok?" Ron quietly asked Hermine, I smiled at Shannon and she smiled back. "I'm fine thanks for asking," Hermine spoke softly.

There is a bang on the cart door so I open it as I am the closest. Draco is stood there with Goyle "Shannon! Come here now!" He sounded angry, she stood up and shuffled past everyone. "Yeah what?" She looked scared and sad as she clutched both hands together. " you were supposed to sit with ME! Not them outcasts!" He basically yelled that last part, she looked up and made her hands into fists " Draco? I am a outcast so I am staying here I hate everyone you hang out with, no offence Goyle, but I am staying here!" She told him straight and slammed the door in his face an then sat in her place.

See this is why I LOVE her she stands up for herself an her friends, I found myself staring at the floor and smiling. Being brought back to reality by her sweet voice " Harry are you ok? You've gone a wee red," I quickly looked up at her and covered my cheeks with my hands and she giggled whilst everyone laughed, her eyes glued onto mine.

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