A year to forget

This is my entry for the competition. It involves the theme of the Hunger Games but not the main characters. Read it to find out what it is about!


3. The aftermath

Rose died there, in the arena. Alone. I spent most of that year on automatic. I did the housework, cooked the fish Luke caught in the day, and went to bed. The next day would be the same, and the next, and the next. People would try to act normal around me, but when they thought I couldn't hear them they would say how sorry they were, or how unlucky I was. But it wasn't unlucky that Rose was chosen. Someone had to be. And someone had to win. It wasn't fair. But if it wasn't her, it would be another poor soul grieving. 

My marriage was under strain. We blamed each other for not taking care of her, for not preventing it, even though we couldn't have. Luke wanted another child, but i refused. I couldn't risk another child of mine being subjected to the torture of watching a friend die. Or their own child. I couldn't bring a child into this world again. It would be leading them to slaughter. 

And so the year comes to an end. Thank God. Luke and I are planning to escape the district. There is nothing left for us here. We don't know where we are going, but it has to be better then this living hell.

So just remember. When someone leaves, it is not just the person who has left that is affected, it is also the people left behind.

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