A year to forget

This is my entry for the competition. It involves the theme of the Hunger Games but not the main characters. Read it to find out what it is about!


2. In the square

There were screens lining the square. They were blank now but in a few minutes those screens would be broadcasting district 4 all over the capitol. A capitol woman was bustling about on the stage that was temporarily set up. She was dressed in the most outlandish clothes. Her dress was bright green and her hair was the same colour. Her skin had a purple tinge to it and it was covered in gold swirls. 

Suddenly, Rose's hand was ripped from mine as she was herded into the section where the children had to endure the reaping. Luke and I wondered over to the parents area. Normally everybody in district 4 are very friendly. But today, the only day in the year, nobody talked. We stood in silence waiting for that capitol woman to pick a tribute. The cameras flickered on. 

"Ladies and Gentleman," she started in her odd capitol accent "Happy Hunger Games!" 

"And may the odds be ever in your favour" I whispered as she proclaimed it. Two glass bowls were brought onto the stage. Her spidery hands fluttered around the first bowl.

"Boys first shall we?" she reached into the bowl and pulled out a folded piece of paper. "Michael Powers?" A young boy around the age of fourteen broke away from the crowd. He stumbled up to the stage. He looked terrified. A women a couple of rows in front of me broke down into tears. My heart nearly broke for her. I pushed my way through the crowd to get to her, Luke followed. 

"Shhh, I'm here." She clung onto me as if I was the only thing left for her in the world as the rest of the citizens to old to be entered into the reaping backed away.

"Umhm" the capitol woman coughed, regaining everyone's attention. "Let's choose a lady shall we?" But they wouldn't choose a lady, they would choose a girl. My heart pounded so hard and fast I thought it would explode as her hands dipped into the bowl containing the girls names. It seemed like a lifetime passed as she pulled that little piece of paper out of the bowl. One piece of paper could ruin someones life. "Rose Campbell"

I looked around to see which family was ruined. And then it sank in. My heart stopped as I realised that was my daughter. My only daughter. She walked out, the children creating a path for her. Her blonde head was held high as she made her way to the stage. A high pitched whine pierced my ears. Luke held me close but I didn't notice. The whining continued. And then I realised that it was me. Ragged sobs escaped me. My life would never be the same again.

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