Try Not To Fall For Any Of The Boys. Alright?

"There is one rule, baby sister."

"And what would that be, big brother?"

"Try not to fall for any of the boys. Alright?"


29. Chapter 19

The photographer that had snapped the picture of Zayn and I shouted, “Zayn is this your girlfriend?”

Zayn turned around, “No. This is my FRIEND.”

He turned back to me and whispered, “I give that man an hour before that picture ends up on the internet.”

I laughed, “I agree. Your fans will be tweeting you like crazy.”

Simon had gotten Zayn and I first class tickets. We were the only ones in first class and there was wifi! We pulled out our laptops once we had properly taken off. I logged into Twitter and the first thing I saw was the picture of Zayn and I. I looked at the caption @biggestniallator @zaynmalik dating? Hm, seems like it. The two were seen at an airport in London heading to America. Look out, US. The newest couple is heading over!

I laughed at the caption and showed Zayn who laughed. Sugarscape had tweeted a cell phone picture of us. It was when Zayn was whispering to me and I was laughing. My mentions were ridiculous! One was very drastic. From @sweetiecakes_zayn : how dare that bitch @biggestniallator date Zayn. She isn’t even pretty. I bet he just likes her because she’s easy. Wasn’t she dating Niall earlier? Slut. Her name was rather misleading…I thought she was going to be sweet. Hm.

Zayn looked at the comment, “Addie, you are not a slut. That girl is just jealous. I bet she’s like 13 years old.”

I thanked Zayn who slipped his headphones on and closed his eyes. That looked like a good idea seeing as I didn’t want to be very tired when I met Simon later.

I tweeted before I got off my laptop: Rumours are just that, rumours. Don’t believe everything you hear or see. Zayn and I are not dating. We have to meet someone in the states this week. Love you all. Xx

I fell asleep for 4 hours. Messed around on Tumblr for 2 hours, talked to Zayn for an hour, tweeted the nice people back on twitter for a while, and then got on facebook. I had a couple of messages from Jaime and Ember wishing me luck. My cousin, Daniel and Cray posted pictures from the beach. I sifted through them and found the fireworks one that Jaime took of us. I made it my profile picture because it was too perfect not to.

Niall IM’d me: aren’t you on a plane? How are you on fb?

I laughed: wifi, duh. You’re silly. How’s it going without meh?

The little type thing popped up and then he messaged back: the day has been rubbish except when I was with you. I’ve been on Twitter and everyone is making nasty comments to you and Zayn. How’s that going? Are you alright?

He was so concerned! I’ll live, you know? It was a couple of pictures. It doesn’t mean anything.

The flight attendants voice came over the speaker: “All laptops, iPods, and mobile phones off please.”

Gotta go. We’re landing now. Bye, talk to you later. Xx

I shut my laptop off and looked over to Zayn, he had fallen back asleep. “Zayn…” I shook him.

He flinched, “Yes?”

“We’re here!” I sang, looking out the window at the huge city.

He chuckled and put his iPod away.

The plane landed, we got our bags and went straight for the exit, hoods up and sunglasses on no one recognized us.

Simon had a driver come pick us up. His name was Miles and he was from Texas. I love American accents…they’re very interesting. I asked him about himself. He has four children, a wonderful wife name Teresa, and he thinks that Simon is one of the nicest men he knows. This is a relief because he’s determining my future.

Miles dropped us off at the front of the HUGE hotel. I was completely awestruck and frozen in my spot. Zayn laughed and dragged me through the door. A couple of young girls noticed us and pointed at Zayn and I. They ran over to us and giggled, asking for pictures. They were about 12 or 13 and were the most adorable girls I’ve ever seen.

The girl called Aimee pulled on my dress, “I think you’re very pretty. Don’t listen to the idiots on Twitter! I think you should be able to go out with whomever.”

I chuckled, taking her phone and handing it to Zayn so he could snap a picture, “Thank you very much Aimee. Do you have a twitter? I’d love to follow such a kind girl!”

We posed for a couple of pictures before she answered, “Yeah I do, but you don’t have to follow me.”

This was the first girl who didn’t demand I follow her. “Well I want to follow you. You’re one of the nicest girls I’ve met.”

“My name is @aimee_stylinson and I’m a huge fan of One Direction and you!” I wrote it down in my phone so I could follow her. I gave her a quick hug before she scurried off with her mum and dad.

Zayn came up to me, “Those girls were very nice. Aimee really liked you.”

“Yes, they were surprisingly kind. Did you take a picture on your phone of Aimee and I?” I asked him, getting our key from the hotel manager.

He nodded, “Yes, in fact I did.”

“Send it to me. I’m going to post it on twitter.”

My phone vibrated as we got to our room…room. One room. Ugh. Simon is killing me here. I mean he paid for this whole trip which was so kind of him but one room with one boy from one direction? I might have to leave that part out when I talk to Niall.

I wriggled the key in the door and opened it. It was dark and I was looking for the light switch. Zayn found it by the kitchen. This place was huge. The lush white carpet was very plush. It led into a living room with a huge sound system and a flat screen tv that took over the entirety of the wall. “Whoa.” I mumbled.

Zayn laughed and threw his bags by the couch and jumped onto it. I wanted to venture around this huge suite a bit. I set my things down by Zayn’s and found a spiraling staircase that led upwards. I climbed it. There were four rooms. I glanced in the first, a very elegant bedroom. The second room was a computer room/study, the third was a bedroom, and the fourth was A GIANT BATHROOM. There was a Jacuzzi tub and a giant glass shower.

I leaned over the balcony to Zayn, “Zayn there is a jacuzzi tub!”

He looked at me, “No way!”

I nodded and laughed. I claimed the first bedroom and made Zayn carry my stuff upstairs. He set the huge suitcase on the floor, out of breath. “Thank you, Zayn-y.”

He nodded and left the room. I looked at the alarm clock on the dresser. It was half 1 here. Which was weird because I was on the plane at around 1…this time thing is messing with my head. I pulled out my phone. I had the picture from Zayn. I saved it and put it on twitter with the message: I met the nicest girl in my hotel today! Look how adorable she is. Love you @aimee_stylinson xx

I got on my laptop and followed her on twitter. She was desperately trying to get the boys attention. I thought I could make a few arrangements. Niall popped up on my video chat. I accepted his call.

“Hello Addie!” He said, giddily.

I laughed, “Niall, are you a bit tipsy?”

He chuckled, “No, I just missed you! How’s everything going?”

I looked around, “Swimmingly. I met the nicest girl today and I was wondering if you could do me a favour?”

“What kind of favour?” He asked, curiously.

“Get all of the guys there to follow her, please? She was so nice. It would make her day.”

“I would love to. I’ll get all the lads to do it too.” I sent him the link to her and he followed her. She’ll smile when she sees that.

We talked for an hour until he had to go to bed. He had to do some interviews tomorrow with the other boys. I wished him a goodnight and he logged off.

I hopped off my bed and decided to get a shower. I have a good three hours to kill before we meet with Simon.

I used the Jacuzzi, of course. I used vanilla bath salts and came out smelling like a candle. I put on a red velvet dress I found at topshop that ended at mid-thigh and had no back. I made my hair straight and applied minimal make-up with a popping red lipstick.

“Zayn?” I called out upstairs.

“In da kichen…” He yelled, with a mouthful of food.

I grabbed my black platform heels and my iPhone and went downstairs to the kitchen. “Hungwy?” He asked, eating a bowl of cereal.

I shook my head, “Not really.” I couldn’t eat anything because I was too nervous. I think it was showing because I was shaking.

“Addie, Simon called when you were in the shower. He said today he just wants to eat dinner with us and tomorrow is when we’re hitting the studio. He wants to get to know you first.”

I sighed, “Good. I was getting worked up. GAH. I hope he likes me.” I shook my arms out, hoping some of the nerves would come out but to no avail.

“You’ll be fine! Everyone likes you! Need I remind you that you have a great boyfriend and almost 500k followers on twitter? Someone MUST like you.”

I smiled, “Thanks Zayn.” He ate another bite of his cereal. “Now go get ready for dinner. Do we know where we are going? Is my outfit appropriate?” I asked moving away from the island and turning around so he could see it.

“Erm, yeah. You look good. Er, it’s appropriate. It’s a dressy place.” He threw away the rest of his food and went upstairs to freshen up.

I checked my DMs there was one from Aimee. Thank you so much for getting all of the boys to follow me! It means so much! You’re the best, Addie. :)

That girl was so sweet. I messaged her back No problem, Aimee. Maybe later tonight after I get back from dinner you and your friends might want to go for a swim? Xx

I’m sure she’d be thrilled about that. Besides, I wouldn’t mind going swimming for a bit. It would get my mind off of this huge record deal.

I mindlessly plugged my iphone into the surround sound and listened as Ed Sheeran’s The A Team blared through the speakers. I got up and started singing and twirling around.

I turned around to see Zayn recording me on the stairs. “ZAYN! I’m going to kill you!” He chuckled and walked downstairs to meet me.

He looked smart in his black chinos, white button-up and red nike hi-tops that matched my dress. Very classy, Zayn. “Do I look good or do I look great?” He asked, popping his collar.

“You look WONDEROUS!” I exclaimed. I unplugged my phone and shoved it in his pocket, “Will you keep that in there? I don’t have a purse.”

He nodded and we went out the door. I put on my oversized black Ralph Lauren sunglasses and Zayn flipped on his ray ban wayfarers.

Miles had the car parked in front of the hotel. He grabbed my hand and spun me around, “Oh how suave you two look. Hot date tonight?”

I laughed, “No, we’re just friends.”

He raised an eyebrow at Zayn. “How are you just friends with her?” Miles asked, obviously not caring if I heard or not.

Zayn shrugged, “She has a boyfriend. He’s one of my best mates.”

The driver nodded, “Ah, the guy code. Understandable. But if I didn’t break the code I wouldn’t be married to my wonderful wife.”

Well this was rather awkward. I got inside the back of the car, Zayn followed me in. Miles took off on our half an hour drive.

I looked out the windows at all the beautiful sights. I had been staring for 15 minutes when I turned around to see Zayn silently laughing. “What are you…IS THAT MY PHONE?” I yelled, moving over to him and snatching my phone.

I looked to see what he was going through. Just my pictures. There wasn’t anything bad on my phone it’s just I don’t like when people touch it. It was stopped on a picture of me dancing drunk. God, that night was so embarassing. It was around March and my friends were trying to cheer me up so they took me to this club and I had a couple of shots. It’s not a crime to drink, alright? I was dancing in front of everyone at the club and a bunch of guys were dancing around me. It was really embarassing.

“So you’re a dancey drunk?” Zayn asked, trying not to laugh.

I hit his arm playfully, “Shut up. Let’s not talk about this.”

“Your wish is my command, princess Adelaide.” He pretended to bow. We stopped outside a very vintage looking building. It was quite cozy and everyone was very dressed up. I’m glad I wore this.

Zayn opened the car door and held out his arm to link with mine, “m’lady.”

I laughed and linked arms with him. Miles was out of the car and I gave Miles my phone to take a picture of Zayn and me. “I just want a picture so I can show everyone how dashing we look.” I told Zayn. Zayn put his arm around my shoulder and I snaked mine around his waist. We smiled nicely and Miles clicked the button. I took my phone back and looked at the picture. It turned out very nice. I decided against putting it on twitter. That would only enrage the fans.

Zayn escorted me into the cozy building. We were met by the maître D. He took us to a private room around back. I looked at Zayn’s face nervously. He gave me the thumbs up and mouthed you’ll be fine.

I turned around and saw the table held Simon and Paula Abdul. I freaked out in my head. PAULA ABDUL? Simon acknowledged us first and stood up to shake our hands. “Ah, there’s Addie!” He said coming over and kissing my cheek. Very friendly gesture, I was shocked. Although, the boys had mentioned he was very nice.

“Uncle Simon!” Zayn cheered and Simon gave him a handshake then a hug. I laughed and walked near a seat across from Paula. She stuck out her hand and smiled, “I’m Paula. You look worried. Don’t be. Simon loves your video and he has showed me it. You’re very talented.”

I smiled at her and laughed nervously, “Thank you very much. I guess I’m a bit nervous.”

“It’s understandable. How about you and your boyfriend have a seat?”

Zayn answered for me, “Addie isn’t my girlfriend. She’s just a good mate.”

Paula blushed, “I’m sorry. You must get that a lot, huh?”

I nodded, “I think everyone I’ve met here has asked me that.”

Simon, Paula, and Zayn laughed. It eased me a bit.

We had a delicious dinner of filet mignon and wine. Technically, I’m not old enough to drink here…or in the UK…but I think they thought I was older. Simon was a very nice man and Paula was very kind as well. Simon was genuinely interested in what kind of sound I was looking for.

“I think I like a lot of music where you can hear the guitar and piano.” I said, sipping my red chardonnay.

Simon nodded, “Favourite artists?”

I thought about it for a minute, “I really love Ed Sheeran right now. His music is just so…brilliant. I really enjoy it. But if we were going the pop route then I’d have to say Ellie Goulding and Lady GaGa. If we were going for going for something…deep then hands down Adele.”

Simon nodded, “Interesting, you’ve made a big jump in artists.”

“I really like all kinds of music.”

Zayn spoke up, “Addie was dancing around the room to Ed Sheeran before we came!”

I glared at Zayn and he laughed. Simon and Paula laughed as Zayn showed them the video. My face flushed from embarrassment.

“You’ve got some moves!” Paula joked and Zayn and Simon laughed again. I covered my face with my hair.

The dinner was over. It was safe to say that Simon really liked me and Paula did too. Simon gave me a schedule for the next week. He was going to treat me like a contestant from X Factor.


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