Try Not To Fall For Any Of The Boys. Alright?

"There is one rule, baby sister."

"And what would that be, big brother?"

"Try not to fall for any of the boys. Alright?"


26. Chapter 16

Niall and I had a fun trip on our way to the beach. We made a lot of roadstops because Niall had to pee…as usual. We ended up at the complex we were renting with the crew early so we thought we’d go to the beach for a bit.

Niall grabbed his trunks and I grabbed my red bandeau bikini and tossed on a solid black cardigan to cover up my tattoo. I really didn’t want Niall to see it for some reason.

“I. LOVE. THE. BEACH.” Niall said, flipping onto his back.

I laughed, “I know, you say it every two minutes.”

“Why don’t you take off your cardigan? It’s really hot.” He looked at me, confused.

I guess I’d have to lay on my back. I quickly removed it and layed back down on our blanket.

“Ew, look at that Addie Styles girl…” I heard a familiar american accent say.

I jumped up from my spot, “JAIME!”

She laughed and we met halfway in a tight embrace. “Oh god, I’ve missed you like something terrible!”

“Never leave me again!” She said, we parted and I hugged Ember next to her.

“Ember! I’ve missed you so much too!”

Her red curls bounced around, “I missed you too. Jaime isn’t as witty as you, Addie.”

Jaime looked hurt, “I try my very best.”

I turned around to see Niall standing up, walking over to us.

“Have you showed him your tattoo yet?” Ember whispered to me.

I shook my head and Jaime pulled the thick strap over my little tattoo.

Niall’s arm grazed around my waist. “Niall, this is Jaime.” I said pointing to my American friend. “This fiery red head is, Ember.” I pointed to my little firecracker.

They squealed and hugged him. He almost lost his balance but quickly hugged them back, recomposing himself. “I’m Niall, obviously. It’s very nice to meet you girls.”

“Niall, I hope you’re treating our little Addie right.” Ember said, seriously.

Jaime agreed, “She really deserves it.”

“Okay…” I tried moving on from the subject but Niall nodded his head, “Oh, I’m trying very hard.”

The smiled at each other then at him, “Good.”

Jaime and Ember headed straight for the ocean. They saw a couple of tan french boys with 6 packs they wanted to chat with. (Chat…snog…same thing.)

Niall was starting to get red. “Niall, put some sun block on.”

I handed him the bottle and he smeared it all over his face like a two year old. “Rub it in?”

I laughed and fixed him up. I never need sun block, I use sun lotion. I get very, very tan.

He pulled me on top of him. “Oi, look what we got here!” An annoying voice that could only be described as, “Daniel…”

He laughed as he pushed me off of Niall.

I stood up and introduced Niall to Daniel. “Niall, this is Daniel. My cousin.”

Niall jumped up and shook his hand. “Pleased to meet ya, Daniel.”

Daniel shook his hand back, “You too, irish boy.” Daniel turned to me, “Does your Mum know you’re dating him?”

“Daniel, who even invited you here?” I stomped my foot, impatiently.

“Erm, James did.” He shuffled his foot in the sand, awkwardly.

“Who invited James?” I asked as I felt someone creep up behind me.

“I DID!” Cray shouted from behind me. I jumped as he screamed in my ear. Cray was Daniel and James best friend from grade school. Cray happens to be dating one of my more distant friends, Lacey. Lacey is very nice and pretty too. I just don’t see what she saw in Cray.

“Hello, Cray!” I said, loudly. He gave me a big hug and ruffled my hair.

“My, my! You’ve certainly grown up since I saw you last.” He teased me. The last time I saw Cray I had thin glasses and braces…those were the dark years. “Hey, you’re that dude from that band my girlfriend always talks about!”

Niall chuckled, pulling my close to him. “Yeah, I’m Niall. From One Direction.”

Lacey came over and stood by Cray. She looked around and her eyes landed on Niall. She smiled, hugely. “Has anyone ever told you that you look like Niall from One Direction?”

“I sound like him too.” He said in his hearty irish voice.

She squealed and demanded that Cray take a picture of her and him to put on facebook. Niall slipped his arm over her shoulder and chucked up deuces for the picture and she smiled again.

James had eventually found his way over to us. He had to park the car. Niall had tightened his grip on me at the sight of my ex. James and Niall said their hellos to each other…rather they spit at each other.

We all brought our stuff back to our cars and walked across the street to our complex. Their were four bedrooms, 2 restrooms, and a huge dining room/living room. Niall and I claimed a room on the second floor. It was bland. Decorated with a cream bedspred that macthed the walls and carpets. There was a small desk Niall and I set our laptops on and an old telly.

Niall had me on the bed with him watching some tv when Jaime barged in. “Get ready! We’re going to the shops in twenty minutes.”

She ran out the door like a lunatic. She was a lunatic. Niall shrugged on a nice Jack Wills shirt with khaki coloured shorts. I, on the other hand, wore a nice oversized red shirt and a pair of high waisted navy shorts that tied in the front. I tucked in the shirt, giving it a messy look and pulled on a pair of red platforms that added four inches to me and put my navy heart shaped sunglasses on the top of my head.

Niall smiled at me, “Wow, you’re quite the beauty. Look how tan you’ve gotten from being in the sun for two hours!”

I looked in the mirror. I was very dark for being out so little. I love being tan! “Gosh, next to you I look so tan!”

Niall had tanned a bit but not much, due to his pale complexion. He snaked his hands around my waist and kissed me. He licked my bottom lip, sending a chill down my back. He used that to explore my mouth. He was quite the kisser.

“You read…GOD MY EYES!” Daniel shrilly scream sounded throughout the corridor. You would never guess that Daniel is 20. Jaime and Ember charged up behind him. Niall and I still didn’t part. Jaime and Ember aww’ed us and Daniel gagged.

Ember pulled Niall away whilst Jaime untangled Niall’s death hold from my waist and they pulled us apart.

Niall winked at me and I blushed. Jaime and Ember grabbed my hands and pulled me out the door. “Jesus! Look at you two all over each other. I haven’t seen you this happy in a while.” Ember smiled at me along with Jaime.

“Oh, shut up. We just started dating yesterday…” I told them.

Jaime wiggled her eyebrows, “But that DEFINITELY wasn’t the first time you kissed him.” Ember nodded in agreement.

I chuckled nervously, “I suppose it wasn’t…we should probably go grocery shopping now.”

Niall followed behind us and we all got into Niall and my rental car. Jaime was driving because she was the best driver. Ember had failed her license test 3 times… she isn’t the most stupendous driver.

Niall held my hand. My phone vibrated in my pocket. I pulled it out and Niall and I looked at the foreign number. I pressed the answer button, “Hello?”

A familiar voice said, “Is this Adelaide Styles?” I couldn’t put a finger on who this was. Niall mouthed who is it? To me.

I shrugged, “Yes, this is she."

“Hi Adelaide. This is Simon.”

Simon…Simon…Simon Cowell, I was silently flipping out.

He chuckled on the other end, “Yes, that Simon. X Factor and American Idol Simon.” I silently laughed, “I was calling about a video I received of you in the studio singing with Zayn.”

“Oh, the video! Yes, Ellen told me she sent that to you.” He had watched the video? YES!

“I just wanted to say…” The hesitation in his voice for the verdict was killing me, “absolutely brilliant. I loved it. I want you to fly out to the States next week so I can sign you.”

I gasped loudly, “Next week?! This is unreal! Thank you so much! I’d love to!”

“I’ll have Ellen give Harry a list of instructions on Saturday.” He paused, “I’ll see you next week, Adelaide.”

“See you next week! And please, just me Addie." I had calmed down a bit and hung up, sending my phone flying at Niall.

“Why are you so excited?” He asked, catching my phone.

“Simon called back. He loved the video of me singing with Zayn and he wants to sign me and fly me to the states next week…” I ran out of breath telling him.

Niall smiled, “I knew he’d love it! That’s really great, love! I’m so proud of you!”

Jaime and Ember squealed about my new fortunate happening. I texted Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn, My mum, and Grandparents to tell them. I had tons of ‘congratulations’ texts.

Harry’s was the best: Aw my wee lil baby sister can actually do something! Congrats on being famous for being famous. You’re One Direction’s Kim Kardashian :) xx jk, you’re very good. Love you baby sis!

Louis had texted me something about not having his favourite Styles in the house and that he was upset but he was now happy because of my good news…he’s a strange one.

I decided to tweet it: Flying to the states next week for some business :) xx.

Jaime, Ember, Niall and I did not know it would take 2 hours to buy all the food for everyone. Needless to say, we were exhausted afterwards. It was around 6 when we got back to the complex, Niall chomping away on some oreo’s.

We spent the night on the beach watching fireworks. Jaime took a picture of me resting my head on Niall’s shoulder and he has his arm behind me. It is the most adorable picture! I’ll set it as my twitter background when I get on my laptop.

James had been stealing a few glances at me the whole night. I felt his eyes burning into the side of my head. It was rather awkward. Niall had noticed too and made me move closer to him.

Niall and I went back to the complex and into our room. I powered up my laptop and opened skype. Harry, Louis, and Zayn were on. I instantly got a video call from Zayn.

I accepted and a shirtless Zayn appeared on my screen. Niall laid beside me on our bed. “Vas happenin’?” Zayn asked, nodding his head.

Niall laughed, “Nothing, mate. We just got back from the fireworks show.” He imitated Zayn, “Vas Happenin’ there?”

He turned his laptop around so we could see. He was sitting on the couch in the living room. Caroline and Harry were snogging on the loveseat and Liam was asleep in front of the telly.

“Oh poor Zayn! You have to see that bitch…” Niall covered my mouth and whispered, “If he can hear you so can she…”

But she didn’t seem to notice as she was still attacking my brothers face. “Flip it around Zayn!” Niall requested and he spun it around quickly.

“As you can see…I’m unentertained.”

“Why don’t you invite one of your mates over?” I asked. Niall wrapped his arm around me before closing his eyes.

“Or one of your mates…” He winked.

“Ew, creep. By the way, all of my friends are here! Single too… Maybe you should’ve came!”

He looked offended, “But you didn’t invite me! I couldn’t just be a third wheel with you and Niall…”

“Well I’m sure Jaime and you would look nice together.” I said.

He pondered it, “Send me a picture of her! I want one!”

I rolled my eyes, “Go to her facebook! Her name is Jaime Smithton.”

He nodded and started typing. I’m sure the 2 mutual friends thing popped up. “Oh God…She’s stunning!”

“I’ll let her know Zayn Malik thinks she’s stunning!”

“No wai…” I hung up and logged off. Niall had fallen asleep. I wiggled out of his grasp and tucked him into bed. He was so adorable. I shut the lights off and went to find Jaime.

I ran into James instead.

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