Try Not To Fall For Any Of The Boys. Alright?

"There is one rule, baby sister."

"And what would that be, big brother?"

"Try not to fall for any of the boys. Alright?"


17. Chapter 10: Part 1

Harry scolded me for apparently not texting him back. We ended up in a full blown argument, the boys were taking sides. Louis and Liam had Harry’s back while Niall, Zayn, and Hannah sided with me about needing to let him know where I was constantly.

“Come on, Harry. Seriously, you are what? 1 year older than me?(A/N: Harry's 19 here.) What does that entitle you?” I asked him.

He rolled his eyes, “I'm your brother! You aren’t even 18 yet. I agreed with mum that I’d look after you for the summer. I need to know where you are. Even if you were with Niall! He should’ve texted me too.”

Niall stood up, “Whoa, whoa, whoa. No, I don’t need to check in with wee little Harry everytime I go somewhere with Addie. I’m older than you.” He reminded Harry.

"Oh, but you do have to check in with me everytimw you go somewhere with Addie. I don't care if you are older than me. I'm her fuckin' brother for God's sake!" Harry replied furiously.

I sighed this argument was going nowhere; “If I agree to ring you every half hour will you get off of my case?”

Harry thought about it, “That never worked with James…”

Anger ripped through me. He knew I never really got through James cheating on me. I felt my eyes start to water. I tried my best not to cry in front of everyone. The first tear escaped and I saw Harry’s face lighten up, “Oh, baby sister. I’m so sorry.” He went to hug me but I moved back.

“No, please forget it. Just watch the movie.”

Louis hit Harry, “You’re rude. Look at your poor little sister."

I left the room with everyone staring at me. I marched up the steps, listening to the guys ask Hannah to go and talk to me.

I closed my door and locked it. I didn’t want to be bothered by any of them especially after I cried about James in front of Niall.

“Addie?” Hannah knocked on the door, “May I come in please?”

I sighed, “Hannah, can you please let me alone?”

“I don’t think the boys want you alone.”

I got off of my cozy bed and opened the door for her. She thanked me and came to join me on my bed.

“You have to understand your big brother, Addie, he's just trying to protect you, like what all big brothers usually do. Even if he's a real git sometimes.

I sighed, “I know." As I slammed a pillow over my face my phone vibrated.

Hannah pulled my phone out and checked it for me. “It’s from Niall.” She taunted and I shot up quickly.

I glanced at the message, I don’t really know what just happened here but I’m sorry. We’re all yelling at Harry if it makes you feel any better. I think we’re going to bed now. I’ll be in my room if you still want to talk. :)

Hannah aww’ed at the message and my cheeks lit up crimson. “Niall and you? Too cute, honey!”

“Can I tell you something, Hannah?” I asked her.

She nodded, “Well, tonight Niall kissed me and-“

She grinned hugely, “Not to say any of us were peeking but some of us saw…”

My eyes widened, “Oh my god, that’s terribly embarrassing.”

She laughed, “Seemed like you were having fun out there. Louis may or may not have taken pictures for blackmailing.”

“Who was watching?”

“Only Louis, Zayn, and I. We were just looking out the window. All of the calls were planned, by the way. Except Harry’s, he was about to have a heart-attack.”

The door opened, it was Louis. “Hannah, are you ready for bed? I’m really tired.”

She jumped out of my bed and into Louis’s arms. He chuckled and carried her across the hall. I watched as Liam moped into his room.

“Goodnight Liam!” I yelled to him.

He mumbled a “Goodnight, Addie!"

I got out of my bed and went to my drawers. I pulled out a white tanktop and some checkered pajama shorts and my fuzzy slippers before checking to see if the coast was clear to go to Niall’s room.

No one was coming, I guess Zayn and Niall were still talking to Harry. I creeped up the third flight of stairs up to Zayn and Niall’s duel rooms.

I peered into Zayn’s. Everything was in pretty good order. There were a couple of pairs of shoes strewn about but other than that, everything was good.

I crept into Niall’s room, leaving the lights off. I think I might surprise him. I snuck into his closet and waited a good five minutes until I heard him talking to Zayn in the hall.

“Shut up, Zayn. Don’t ruin this. When she comes upstairs don’t walk in. I want to talk to her…alone.”

He laughed, “Alright, Nialler. I haven’t seen you this head over heels before.”

Niall sighed and they both walked into their rooms.

Niall shut the door and turned on the lights. He hummed while he was getting undressed and finally started singing. He was such a great singer, it was unreal.

Niall strode over to the closet in which I was hiding and opened it and I jumped out and he clutched his chest and fell on the floor.

I laughed, “Aw, Nialler, did I scare you?”

He chuckled, “A smidge.” I helped the shirtless Niall off the floor and went to lie on his bed.

He went through his shirts until he found an old school shirt and chucked it on and the sat beside me on his bed.

“So, are you alright?” He asked whilst tucking a piece of hair behind my ear.

I nodded, “I’m fine. I overreacted I guess.”

He scrunched his nose up in confusion, “You overreacted? Harry told us what happened with that guy…I don’t think you overreacted. He meant a lot to you and then he really messed up, losing a great gal like you.”

I smiled at Niall, “Harry told you the story, eh? It was about 6 months ago. I don’t think about him much. Harry only brings him up when he’s angry with me.”

“That’s rather rude of him.”

“I concur, Niall. But I think I found this new guy that I fancy quite a bit.” I said whilst jumping into his lap.

“Really? Well, he’s a rather lucky lad. I found this really great girl and she has a really crazy brother that I’m just going to have to ignore.”

“You’re going to ignore him? Really?” I asked, excitedly.

He nodded, “It’s worth it. You’re worth it.”

I laughed and he kissed my forehead, “Don’t laugh at my attempts to flirt with you.”

“They are so laughable though.”

“I know…” He yawned so I got up from his bed.

“Where are you going?” Niall asked.

“You have to wake up in 7 hours to go to the studio…you need some beauty sleep.” I told him.

“Well then can my beauty come sleep next to me?” He pouted and I rolled my eyes and we fell asleep together.


“Whoa, jesus. Lou, come look! I found them.” Zayn said as he entered Niall’s room.

“Oh my God. Niall’s got balls. If Harry would’ve found them it would have been doomsday.” Louis exclaimed and I opened my eyes to see Niall’s clear blue orbs.

He smiled at me, “You better get to your room before Harry throws a fit.”

I stretched and Louis walked downstairs to get breakfast with me. “So Lou, dear.” I said as I jumped onto the kitchen counter.

He poured his cereal, “Yes, Addie?" He asked innocently.

“I hear you have a couple if pictures from last night?”

He poured the milk, “I haven’t the slightest clue as to what you are talking about.”

“Niall and I? Hannah told me, Louis! Erase them!”

“Oh, those pictures. They’ll come in handy someday. I’m not erasing those babies.” He said as he sat down at the little kitchen table.

“Fine.” I sighed and walked out into the living room. Harry was sitting there on twitter. He turned around, “Oh, Addie. Come here, please?”

I walked forward and he stood up. “I’m very sorry I brought up James. I…I’m just concerned for you being out there. I mean you don’t know your way round London very well and neither does Niall. Plus, I think he might fancy you. I don’t want anything happening there. Not with one of my best mates.”

He was at least catching on which is more than the guys gave him credit for. We thought he’d never notice Niall and I. “Don’t worry about me! I’m almost 18. You need to worry about your music and mum. When’s the last time you called our mother, Harry?"

His eyes grew big, “Oh man, I forgot to call her this weekend!” He whipped out his iPhone and dialed her number, leaving the room.

He left his twitter page up. Perfect opportunity to hack him! I started typing Addie is the best sister in the entire universe and I love @louis_tomlinson xx. #AddieIsTheBetterStyles

Louis came running into the living room a minute later, “Harry tweeted that he loves me! How sweet of him.”

“Uh, yeah Harry tweeted that, definitely…” He rolled his eyes at me and walked out of the apartment.

Niall and Zayn were having a quiet conversation whilst walking down the stairs.

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