Try Not To Fall For Any Of The Boys. Alright?

"There is one rule, baby sister."

"And what would that be, big brother?"

"Try not to fall for any of the boys. Alright?"


18. Author's Note:

Guys I need a Co-Writer for another story. It's A One Direction FanFic. In which all of them are falling for one girl. I'm not sure yet, though. So that's why I need a Co-Writer. If anyone would like to apply, please let me know.

And also here are some nickname options that I would start calling you from now on. Tell me which one you like best.


-Horny Pandas


-Crazy Mofos



-Lovely Hoes


Follow me on,

Instagram: @supermoiiiiii

Twitter: @marythepotatooo

I will also be making an account for this story, so you can see the pictures of the characters.

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