Tory is a button eyed doll come to life. Cursed to kill.


1. Chapter 1

The little bell began to tinkle. Mr Walton stood up from his work desk and went to the front of the store. Standing there in front of the counter was a little girl. She was small, with violet eyes and copper blonde hair. She wore a yellow dress and white shoes. “Hello. What can I do for you?” An old woman came over. She was obviously the little girl’s grandma. “Lily here had a birthday yesterday. She wants to buy a doll with her money.” Mr Walton smiled. “A birthday. How old are you?”
“Seven,” the little girl mumbled. Her grandma smiled at her. “Come on Lily let’s go chose a doll.” Lily didn’t budge. She was staring at the shelf behind the counter. “Lily what’s the matter?” her grandma asked. “Please sir. How much is that?” Mr Walton turned to see what she was pointing at. An old button eyed rag doll. With black thread for hair and a green and blue patched t-shirt and trousers. “I’m afraid that’s not…” then he stopped. There was something about this little girl. Something special. “I’m afraid it hasn’t got a price. How much do you have?”
“£20.” Mr Walt only nodded. “I’ll sell it to you for £15.” Lily’s grandma frowned. “Wouldn’t you prefer a nicer doll?” Lilly shook her head. “No I want that one.” Her grandmother sighed and handed over the money. Mr Walton took the money, took the doll of the shelf and handed it to the little girl. She smiled and clutched the doll tight. “Come on Lily.” Called her grandma. “We’re going to the café.”
“Tory wants fruit cake.”
“Tory my doll.” Her grandma smiled. “Ok Tory can have a fruit cake.” With that they left. Mr Walton watched them leave then went back to his work bench. “I have good feeling about that girl.” He muttered to himself.


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