Dirty work (one direction)

Laya Walker and Lexi Davis are best friends.Or more like unrelated twins.They ride together they die together.As long as they can remember they caused trouble every where they went.Breaking things, hurting people, pranking people and most of all.Getting revenge.Now they live on their own and have started their own business.They call it 'Dirty work' simply because a customer calls-ask for revenge on a person or people and they do their dirty work.


3. two_lets go in multiple directions


we were currently on the plane heading to L.A and in that time my dearest Laya has gave both of homework. Oh the joy right *sarcasm*. we have to learn all the lyrics of the new album (midnight memories) AND basically stalk each of them. I don't know how directioners do this for a living. "hey babes so how exactly are we gonna get VIP passes." Laya asked closing her laptop. well we could always steel it......"well we could always-" she cut me off "no were not steeling from little girls that's just cruel and mean." is it.is it really. "well then what else is there to do? make fake ones" I said jokingly but ofcoarse she took me seriously. "Laya who do you know that can make fake VIP passes..in L.A." 


"find someone duhh" like its that easy. " find someone where exactly" I said. she pouted at me. "well I'm sorry for coming up with ideas miss grumpy" I AM NOT GRUMPY. "I'm sorry babes, but we just can't afored to mess this job up" I do not want to go to jail.And miss a chance at 50,000. "your right. well if were already sneaking in why don't we just find away into there dressing room." Laya said. "we are ninjas so it shouldn't be that hard" I said smiling. " can I be a supah ninja" OMF I LOVE THAT SHOW. "yes you may but you have to ask Fukanaga first" I said. he is one sexsy beast. she nodded and we went back to are stalking.

                                              *two boring stalking plane hours later*

       LAYA'S P.O.V



We finally landed and can I say how great it is to be off that plane. some how I got into a fight with a little girl and her mom threaten to call the police but lucky for me Lexi was there to save my sorry behind. "were not even at are hotel and your disturbing the peace"  SHE STARTED IT. KICKING MY SEAT AND WHAT NOT. AND THAN SHE COUGHS PURPOSLY IN MY FACE !!!! I huffed " well she disturbed my peace...little brat" lexi rolled her eyes at me as we collected are items. as we waited for are cab we started singing.


I said 'Hey L.A.'
It's really really nice to meet ya,
If it's okay I think I'll stay
Cause I just want to have some fun

Top down just chilling on the west side
Hands up get ready for a good time
'Hey L.A.'
It's really really nice to meet ya

And that my friends was the famous and talented Ryan Beatty.Do take the time to look him up if you wish.Its actually normal for Laya and I to get stares from people.Which is what we were getting at the moment but we could care less. "hey look there's are cab babes. let's go!" I said and we walked to are cab and drove to are hotel. we are staying at the Sunset Marquis. thanks ti previous jobs we were able to afored it. "so the concerts tomorrow night what do we need to do to prepare for it today. I'm not sure if that made sense. what I ment was is there anything we need to do today to prepare for the concert tomorrow night. "we should probably test are knowladge about the songs and one drection." laya said.


I nodded. "and you should probably work on your flirting skills" Lexi say what now....."um why would I need to work on my flirting skills" I asked with a raised eyebrow. " well if your gonna seduce harry-" " HOLD UP WHO SAID ANYTHING ABOUT SEDUCING! I CAN BARELY TURN MY FAN ON LET ALONE SEDUCE A TEENAGE HEARTTHROB!!!" I yelled. the cab driver laughed. has he been listening to are conversation the whole time? stalker 2.Ohhhhhhh. "just try your best. it shouldn't be that hard babes" Lexi said. its weird it seems tk me we've been saying that a lot lately.



we arived at the hotel and may I say it looks pretty good. I have a feeling I'll be saying that a lot while I'm here. "Here you are ladies. that I'll be $11.50" the driver said. we paid him and got are stuff. as I was closing the door he said "good luck with that flirting" I gasped. "well your getting no tip" and I stuck my oh so famous middle finger up at him. he glared at me driving away. when got inside we checked in and are bags were sent to are room. "hey Lexi who do like or should I say fancy from one direction" not gonna lie there all hot.like potatoes. there some hot potatoes. she snickered."I don't fancy any of them" she said as we steped into the elevator.


"oh please you have to think at least one of them is super hot" the elevator doors opened and we walked to are room. "okay okay. maybe I think liam is cute. who do you fancy" she said. "ironic really but I think harrys pretty cute. especially with his dimples." and his curls.....and his smile......and and his eyes sweet baby jesus his eyes. "figures" I opened the door and may I say it looks awesome. told you id say that a lot. "sweet potatoes this is awesome" Lexi said observing the room. it was elegant but yet retro. just like me and Lexi. "I could get use to this" I said. 

                                  *After more observing and unpacking*


we both sat on the couch."okay let's go over are one direction stuff and the plan" I said.


A/N : I was gonna write more but high school musical was on. sorry for any miss spelling...

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