Dirty work (one direction)

Laya Walker and Lexi Davis are best friends.Or more like unrelated twins.They ride together they die together.As long as they can remember they caused trouble every where they went.Breaking things, hurting people, pranking people and most of all.Getting revenge.Now they live on their own and have started their own business.They call it 'Dirty work' simply because a customer calls-ask for revenge on a person or people and they do their dirty work.


1. prologue



                                                                         LEXI'S P.O.V





"okay your turn" Laya said. Alright lets think here..."anytime,Lexi" I through a book at her face and said "WOMAN DO NOT RUSH" I ignored her "owe" and asked her "would you rather be a singer,a actor,a writer, or a potato" yes we are playing would you rather. it passes time by. "that's easy, a potato" I woulde've picked the same thing. no wonder were (un)related twins. "well done my apprentice. well done." I said nodding.


Laya decided to play along. "oh please teach me more master." oh this is why I love this girl. "oh very well" note to self: you are now a master of some sort of thingy and must protect the world from paul (the alien). "First ! I shall ask you a question"  I walked up to her with a mischievous look. "and if you get it wrong....I shall flick you on the forehead" I said. "I will try my best master" she bowed her head. "There are 20 birds sitting on a tree branch. A man comes and shoots one. How many are left"


"um....19....." I flicked her on the forehead. "fool! they all would have flown away" She rubbed her head. "well I'm sorry i'm no batman you know" batman! batman!  "your right. It's more like i'm batman and your robin" I smiled at her. she Gave me a disapproving look. " no no no. you have batman and robin. and than you have us to the morons that still believe in Santa clause and the tooth fairy" I gasped. "Laya how could you. there's nothing wrong with believing in them." I said. "and I totally agree my fuzzy buddy" Laya said shaking her but in the process. we both burst out laughing.


We were (rudely) interpreted by the phone ringing. "ooooo it must be another customer" Laya said. I grabbed the phone and put it on speaker.


Lexi- "lexi and layla of the dirty work business. how may we help you?" 

anonymous- "yes. I'd like revenge on a certain person."

Lexi- "no problem. how much money will you be paying us?"

anonymous- "I was thinking at least 50,000"

There was a pause. and in that moment.

I swear we almost died.

Lexi- "um that would be great. who exactly are you getting revenge on?"

anonymous- "Harry Styles"


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