Love At First Sight😍

When Alex meets Luke at a local mall , she falls in love♥ . Will it be love at first sight ? (Some graphic sex scenes not that dirty)


3. Friday Is Here!!!

Friday finally came! I was picking out something to wear. I chose a baby blue high low dress with blue flats since i didnt like high heels. I went to the Bathroom to do my hair and makeup. I did my hair in a elegant french braid and did my makeup . I came out grabbed my bag and left . I got to Itzela's house .She was wearing a pink dress with pink flats ."Hey ,you look so beautiful "Itzela said. "Please thats all you"I said as i drove off. "wait ,where does Luke live?"I told Itzela . "I dont know"she told me.i got a text messsge from Luke

I live two blocks away form the market-Luke

Ok love you-alex

Love you too-luke

*lukes pov*

Wait , I just told Alex i loved her! She told me too ! I am really in love now

*back to alexa pov*

He told me he loves me.i told him that i love him!!!! "Okay we are here" i told Itzela . I knocked on the door. The was a guy he had brownish hair he kept staring at Itzela . " oooo someone is in love "I told her . We walked inside. . Luke was wearing a black suit. He looked handsome. I smelled achohol , i didnt drink any . Im not that kind of person. He hugged me and i smelled his colone. Some girl saw me hugging him . She came up to me and"accidently" spilled water on me . I was all wet. Luke gave me his jacket .I told him thank you and gave ne a hug and a kiss on the cheek."hi Alex"calum said."hi calum"i told him after that i met all lads .


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