One Night Stand

After finding out her boyfriend has been cheating on her . Jenessa's friends push her along to come to vegas . She agrees , but she meets someone . Was their love a one night stand ? What happens in vegas stays in vegas .


9. Chapter 9

Jenessa POV

I looked at myself in the mirror , my short black lace dress , my black cat eye , with loads of fake eyelashes . My gold earrings dangling . I was ready to forget all about Liam and move on .

Nash POV

I got up and made my way outside of the hotel room when I noticed , Jenessa coming out of the bathroom , " Your looking hot gurlfriend !" I mocked . Even though she kinda did .

Jenessa POV

It was about to be 9 the club opens at 10 so since I was already ready , Analisa was next for the bathroom .

Analisa POV

I put on my slinky red glitter dress with my black heels and a smokey eye . With of course my signature red lipstick .

Next was Felecity

Felecity POV

I put on a silver metallic dress , I applied red lipstick and I curled my hair . I matched metallic shoes with my dress .

Now Skylynn turn

Skylynn POV

I put on a purple lace slinky dress up to thighs , I curled my blonde naturally wavy hair , I applied a light shade of purple lipstick , and I put on some black fur heels .

Jenessa POV

Since* Nash is a guy he wore whatever he really wanted to . * he wore a white tshirt that said something but I couldn't tell .

We all walked out of our hotel , we got in a shuttle bus that leaves to hotels and drops them off at the clubs or casinos . I was ready to have lots of fun .

I promised my self that I was gonna just be hanging with

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