One Night Stand

After finding out her boyfriend has been cheating on her . Jenessa's friends push her along to come to vegas . She agrees , but she meets someone . Was their love a one night stand ? What happens in vegas stays in vegas .


7. Chapter 7

We checked into the rental car place , Nash went to the desk and got the keys . All of us just got in and we drove off to the hotel .

Nash POV

We just drove to the hotel . I've been fighting with Felecity a lot . I wanna break it off , but I don't know , not here not now . She's just not for me . I decided to talk to Jenessa about this she's good at giving advice .

" hey Jenessa , I um I um think that um .." She rolled her eyes , " Nash quit spit it out !" She said harshly . " I think me and Felecity should call it a break ..." She stayed quiet . " We'll Nash your In Vegas , do you wanna have fun here then you should call it off now . " I nodded and hugged her .

Jenessa POV

Nash is gonna ruin this trip for Felecity .

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