One Night Stand

After finding out her boyfriend has been cheating on her . Jenessa's friends push her along to come to vegas . She agrees , but she meets someone . Was their love a one night stand ? What happens in vegas stays in vegas .


6. Chapter 6

Jenessa POV : " Yes maybe Taco Bell ?" I laughed , he smiled and nodded " Maybe . I'm just kidding !" He laughed . He had a beautiful smile and his laugh was just , ahhhhhh .

" So Niall where are you going in Vegas ?" I asked as I bit my lip , he smirked " To have some fun ." He winked . " we should definitely hang out sometime !" He smiled and blushed a bit .

" Yes Niall we should !" I smiled . After talking about random stuff , it was turning night so the plane lights began to dim and I fell asleep .

" Jenessa wake up !" It was Niall he was waking me up , " were about to land Jenessa !" I got up and wiped my eyes . " Thanks for wakin me up " he smiled " no problem ," we both smiled .

As we lined up to get off the plane , " We'll bye Niall !" I smiled he leaned in for a hug , I gladly accepted . " Text me Jenessa !" He yelled from across the airport . " I will niall !" I smiled and waved .

Do I like Niall ? I don't know .

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