One Night Stand

After finding out her boyfriend has been cheating on her . Jenessa's friends push her along to come to vegas . She agrees , but she meets someone . Was their love a one night stand ? What happens in vegas stays in vegas .


5. Chapter 5

I quickly dried up my tears . I got into my drawers and emptied most of it into the suitcase that held many memories . I got bras and underwear and just my personal necessities .

After another day of packing , Friday eventually came . I woke up and brushed my teeth and took a shower . I put on my Victoria Secret sweatpants and a black tanktop and a pink sweater .

I rode down the elevator to my car , I looked towards shiela's office I noticed Liam sitting there .

I ran to the parking lot and got in my car . Put my suit case in and drove to Starbucks . When I got there my friends were already there. I got down and went in

" Hey guys !" They all smiled . We all went in line to order .

Me - espresso

Nash - Cappuccino

Skylynn - Espresso macchiato

Analisa - Caffe Mocha

Felecity - Caramel macchiato

I handed them their tickets and we all rode in my car to the airport . " Felecity ! Hurry up god your so slow !" Nash yelled he sounded annoyed .

" Calm the fuck down Nash , your always in a fucking hurry !" She snapped back at him . He rolled his eyes and looked out the window .

" Both of you need to calm down , were about to leave to leave to have fun !" , Skylynn said .

My friends are crazy .

Skylynn - was a peaceful skinny girl , she has blonde hair and olive brown green eyes . She did yoga and never cursed .

Analisa - tan skin and blue eyes she's from California and she's a wild crazy girl , but she's been kinda sad lately .

Nash - he has blue eyes and brown hair he is a funny cool guy . We met at a concert , and exchanged numbers and been friends since .

Felecity - Brown hair and blue eyes , she is a pretty skinny shy outgoing girl . We've known each other since kindergarten .

We got to the airport , we went to security and eventually got on the plane . I sat next to a random guy . Skylynn sat next to Felecity . Analisa was next to Nash .

" Hi I'm Niall have I seen you somewhere ?" He said after a announcement from the pilot . I suddenly remembered he was the guy at Taco Bell !

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