One Night Stand

After finding out her boyfriend has been cheating on her . Jenessa's friends push her along to come to vegas . She agrees , but she meets someone . Was their love a one night stand ? What happens in vegas stays in vegas .


2. Chapter 2

We drove in Arianna's Mercedes Benz to her mansion . I've been there a couple times , but I had never actually stayed in the home. " Darling are you hungry ? " I sighed , " I'm starving !" She nodded , she drove to Taco Bell . " Can I have 1 crunchy and one soft ? , actually make that 4 each of the 2 !" . Arianna changed her mind a lot . I didn't really care . I'm not a judgmental person . We got our order and sat down . " So darling what are you going to do ?" I shrugged . I didn't know what I was gonna do , Arianna got a phone call . She stepped outside . I continued eating . I even spotted a few cute guys . One walked up to me , " Hey , you here alone ?" He said with a deep accent . I blushes , " Um no I'm here with a friend ." I smiled . He nodded and smiled . I felt his hand in my pocket , he put something in there then he walked away and winked . I took out the paper . It was his number , it read : Niall - ******* < ( his number )

I smiled . Arianna came back inside and smiled , " Darling I have some good news !" , I motioned for her to go on . " I have plane tickets for Las Vegas on Friday thru Wednesday !" She smiled excitedly . I frowned . She looked at me as if she was wondering why I was frowning . " darling it's gonna be hard but he's a doushe don't mind him anymore you guys are through , it's time to move on !" I smiled and nodded . I walked outside , I took out a cigarette , and inhaled the smoke which was heaven . Arianna came outside and smirked " Darling let's go " I smiled and nodded .

We drove to her mansion . I listened to the radio . The radio was buzzing about the X factor . There was no music on tonight . I sighed and rested my head upon the window . Before I knew it we were at her home .

" Darling you've had a long day , would you care for a drink ?" I nodded . " Strawberry daiquiri with pineapple and cherry in them please ." She smiled and told a man who was a bartender at her house to make it .

Once he made it he give it to me . I practically gulped it down , after that I drank like 3 more until I was tipsy . Arianna held me up and put me in a guest room . I smiled and twirled her hair . " Your hair is twisty ." She laughed and nodded " yes indeed , goodnight !" After that everything went black

I woke up to the smell of bacon eggs and pancakes . I smiled . My head hurt like a bitch though . " Arianna !" I yelled she had a maid come in my room . " Sweetie Arianna went to work , she told me to tell you that you don't have to go today ." I thanked her . " Um mam can I have food I'm hungry ." She smiled and nodded and walked out .

I flipped my pillows and noticed a paper sticking out my pillow . It was a envelope. They were 3 plane tickets , for Las Vegas . I smiled and got my phone . I had a feeling we were going to Las Vegas on Friday .

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