One Night Stand

After finding out her boyfriend has been cheating on her . Jenessa's friends push her along to come to vegas . She agrees , but she meets someone . Was their love a one night stand ? What happens in vegas stays in vegas .


1. Chapter 1

Today was a busy day . I had to be at work by 7 and come home by 12 . I had to interview simon cowell supposedly he is going to do some singing show coming later this year . I woke up , got out of bed . I went to the bathroom , i jumped in the shower , brushed my teeth , put on a knee length black skirt and a peter pan collared maroon shirt . I went back to the bedroom , i kissed my boyfriend who was already up and showered and ready for work also . " Hey babe , i have to be at work by 7 !" . He just nodded still looking at his laptop . I shrugged hes probably busy with his work stuff . I walked out and got in my car . I drove to starbucks " May i have a skinny caramel latte ?" . I eventually got my coffee and drove to my work office . I worked at teen fashion magazine weekly . I started off as a intern when I was 18 and eventually became a employee . I got into my office . I walked to my boss Ariannas office . "

Hey when will Simon be here ?" She looked at her watch . " Oh honey he should be here 'now'" and suddenly the doors open and there he was Simon himself . I motioned him to sit down at a chair close to my desk . " Hello Simon I'm Jenessa and today I'm gonna ask you about your upcoming show the xfactor !" He smiled and nodded . " yes , yes ." I continued with the rest of the interview and when I finished he got up and left " we'll he's rude !" I said out loud . I got up and went to my assignment folder . I had to complete a article about a good relationship , I had to file some old magazine issued from 2007 , and pick up a package for Arianna . Busy day. I knew writing a article about the perfect relationship will be easy , me and Liam tanner have been together for about a year . We never fight and we are always very trusting .

I finished the article and submitted it to spell check . I hopped into my car and picked up a package for Arianna , I shook it and it sounded like powder , " must be drugs ?" I thought . I returned it to her and got to the old magazine issued by the time I finished sorting them out , it was 11:30 . I checked my calendar and gasped . Today was our 1 year anniversary ! No wonder he didn't talk to me this morning ! How could I forget this special day ? I quickly rushed to the liquor store , I picked up some champagne and rushed to the apartment .

When I arrived I opened the door . " Liam baby I'm home !" I yelled . I put down the champagne and walked towards our bedroom . I opened the door and my eyes shot open . It was Liam having sex with another girl . " You guys having fun ?" I interrupted their thrusting session . Liam shuffled under the blanket . " Jenessa I can expla-.." . I smirked , " Liam save it , you guys carry on , just don't get cum on my sheets I just washed those !" I walked out got some clothes and got in my car . I drove to a nearby bar . I walked In and noticed Arianna my boss there , " hey Arianna !" She turned around and smiled , " hello darling !" She probably noticed my eyes filling up with tears and she frowned . " what's wrong ? Darling !" I told her everything . She glared . " why don't you stay the night at my house ? To get your mind off that bastard !" I agreed and nodded . Tonight was the night that I was officially single .

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