Spencer has been keeping secrets for a long time now is it time for them to come out . an unknown caller is blackmailing her will she get rid of this person or will she suffer for the truth. could she find true love or is she a joke to him.


1. who are you ?

December 16

work is going great i went in early in the morning and i met with my coworkers and we were having fun but then i received a text message from an unknown number the message read " tell me how does it feel living a life full of lies." i couldn't believe it who could have sent me this i never told anyone how could someone find out. i continued with my day like nothing had happened i kept receiving texts i chose to ignore it what was written on that text was part of my past i cant go back there that was a low point in my life i didn't mean for anybody to be hurt . finally time to leave work i walk out and into my car i don't know if it was the fact someone knew what happened or that all the memories of that day coming back. i just broke down started crying i don't remember how but i managed to find myself at that park . four years ago this wasn't a park it was a house i don't know who used to live there by the time i found a way in it was all run down abandoned i used to sneak in and drink i was always alone. one night i was there at the house and i felt so angry that day i had recently gotten into a fight with my step mom i just wanted to go away i want to be alone. that night i got really drunk i had no idea that someone else was in the house i was convinced i would burn down the house and run away everyone would think i was dead i would have been free. i can't let my past get to me i am done crying. i drive back to my apartment and made myself some dinner i don't know why i did what i did but i can't let that control my life. i have been living on my own for a while now i'm i recently turned 20 and not once had i thought of that day until now i don't know who is sending me these messages but it wont work.

December 17

well today i work in the afternoon i have all morning for myself it will do me good to just spend some time alone. well today was a normal day no texts i felt like everything was going back to normal work was great everyone was being so nice that was a little weird even Nancy the building bitch she was being extremely nice to me i have no idea why everyone is being so nice to me. " hey Spencer look i understand you are going through a tough time now since what happened to your step mom i think you should take some vacation " says Alison my boss i don't really understand what she is talking about " i don't need a vacation Alison i can come in to work ." i respond " Spencer you are getting a vacation go home and i will call you to schedule you back into work after Christmas." says Alison there is no way i can get her to change her mind bout this i might as well just go home and call Danny he should know whats going on with Rebecca . i drive back home and as soon as i get into my apartment i call Danny and ask about her he tells me she had an accident that she fall from the second floor she had started ranting about how we were such bad kids and how as soon as Danny turned 18 he would leave just like i did.

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