Spencer has been keeping secrets for a long time now is it time for them to come out . an unknown caller is blackmailing her will she get rid of this person or will she suffer for the truth. could she find true love or is she a joke to him.


12. what does Liam know?

Louis' P.O.V

i drove home to find Zayn dressed waiting for me.i don't know how to tell him what happened to Spencer i don't know how she is so happy and strong if i was in her position i would be broken. " are you going to talk?" he asks me " just let me figure out how i am going to tell you this." i say " you are scarring me now mate ." he responds " okay okay i was at Spencer's house last night." i say " no mate don't tell me that you and Spencer ." he says " no that's not it. when i left harry's flat i received a phone call from Spencer she called me asking for help Joe her ex was at her house ." i say " what did he do to Spencer? how did she meet him?" he asked i start with Spencer's story we sit there for two hours . when i finish with her story Zayn picks up his phone he starts talking about finding someone he is tracking Joe i know what he wants to do and i support his decision Joe needs to learn his lesson. "i found him." yells Zayn " what do we do?" i ask " come on get in the car we need to find a rental car he knows what your car looks like ." he says we get a small green Volvo and make our way to find Joe when we arrive we see him sitting outside an apartment complex smoking, Zayn gets out of they car and yells at him " hey ! you Joe Tyler?" he says " who are you man and why are you looking for him ?" he yells back Zayn grabs him by the caller and yells in his face " are you or are you not Joe Tyler?"he yells again "yes what do you want with me." he answers as soon as he hears his answer Zayn start beating him i can see Joe spitting up blood i run out of the car and pull Zayn off of him and we run back to the car amd drive off i can hear the sirens making their way to Joe. "Zayn you have blood all over you we need to get you cleaned up." i say i run to the bathroom to get a wet rag but i ran into Liam . he was just standing there he has this look i don't know whats going on why is he here " Liam wha.. what are you doing here?" i asked " how could you Louis .. how could you do this to your friend?" he asks i am so confused what is he talking about " Louis i..." starts to say Zayn when he sees Liam standing there " you were part of this Zayn ? why?" he asks " Liam sit down please." i say "we had too." adds Zayn " what do you mean you had to .. how could you say that how could you have to break up Niall and Spencer." Liam yells " what are you talking about Liam we didn't break up Spencer and Niall." i say " i know you spent the night at her apartment Louis . i never thought she would do that to him how could she, how could you." speaks Liam oh god he thinks i slept with her i have to tell him the real reason to why i was there but i have already told Zayn too many people know i promised her i wouldn't say anything to Niall but Liam wouldn't tell him would he. " Liam let me explain." i say " No Louis i cant even look at you right now." he says and starts to walk off i have to tell him but he wont listen he has to know i would never do that to Niall . " Liam wait we need to talk please let Louis explain." says Zayn but Liam wont even listen to him Liam's P.O.V

"Liam wait we need to talk please let Louis explain." said Zayn but i cant even look at him he knew all about this and didn't say anything to us i noticed Zayn's hands were bloody and Louis had bruises on his face they have been hiding things from us but what if they are telling the truth, what if i was wrong maybe she didn't cheat on Niall. i drive over to Spencer's and knock. she doesn't open but i know she is home her car is parked i knock again and yell for her to open the door saying it is Liam i hear her walk to the door and start to open it that's when i notices something on her door there is blood on it " what happened to you Spencer?" i say as i run in she has bruises on her face. " nothing i had a little accident." she responds ,today when i saw Zayn he had blood on his hands and Louis was a little bruised "Spencer did Zayn and Louis do this to you ?" i ask looking her in the eyes "no . Zayn isn't involved in this." she responds but that means Louis is.. " what happened ? did Louis hurt you?" i ask " no he would never hurt me." she responds i need answers what is going on " Spencer i need the truth what happened here last night ?" i ask " what .. how do you know about last night?" she asked i managed to hear something she said under her breath " Louis promised he wouldn't say anything" " what did he promise Spencer i know he was here last night you need to tell me everything." i say "you don't want to know Liam . you don't need to know my past." she says with tears in her eyes " Spencer i want to know please ." i say she sits down and stares at the ground " you wont look at me the same if you knew." she whispered i sit next to her and wait for her to start talking. 

"that's when Joe and i began to get close he was a great person until i turned 19 we had been dating for 7 months and a few days after i turned 19 he wanted to have sex but i wasn't ready for that i had so many scars i have so many scars. i couldn't look at myself in the mirror i couldn't let another person look at me . he forced himself on me that night . i was disgusted by him and the next day when he came back i had all his things outside and i had changed all my locks i was thankful that he got me out of the place i was in but i wasn't going to be in a place that was close to what it was when i lived with that woman. i had money i worked 3 different jobs i was determined to get Danny out of that place when i moved out of Rebecca's house she quit her job i was supporting myself and her i was okay with it because of Danny . i made a bank account to his name and i would put money in for him i knew he would leave her too and i was going to be the one to help him. and last night he came back looking for me i guess after Louis and i ran into him at the store he wanted to hurt me again after leaving the party i was going to meet up with Louis to explain what happened at the store but as i walked to my door and i heard footsteps behind me i knew something was wrong but i couldn't call Niall he cant find out what Happened with Joe so i called Louis i put the phone in my purse so that Joe wouldn't be able to see i was calling someone we argued outside my door until he hit me i hit my head against the door and Joe pulled me into the apartment by my hair he was hitting me until Louis showed up and saved me . i couldn't live through it again he was going to rape me and i wouldn't have been able to live with myself if he had " she said the last part of her story she didn't look sad although she was crying but every time she spoke his name she said it with anger . she turned to me and her expression softened i cant believe that this guy was the cause for so much pain "Spencer i am sorry i cant believe i thought .... i cant .. i'm sorry " i say now tears rolling down my face how could i think of her that way she would never hurt Niall she loves him " it's okay Liam you didn't know." she says and wraps her arms around me that's when Louis and Zayn show up

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