Spencer has been keeping secrets for a long time now is it time for them to come out . an unknown caller is blackmailing her will she get rid of this person or will she suffer for the truth. could she find true love or is she a joke to him.


13. we have history

Spencer's P.O.V

i don't know how i could have been so weak i could have ended all of my pain last night i could have ended Joe's life but i panicked but then again how was i going to explain a dead man in my house. " Louis how could you ?" i say standing up " Spencer i'm sorry i had to do something." he responds " you didn't have to tell Zayn i didn't want anyone to know about this." i say as Zayn walks over to me and hugs me " Spencer love i took care of him he wont hurt you anymore" he whispers in my ear i am shocked " does Liam know what you did ?" i ask he shakes his head indicating that Liam doesn't know " good, Louis knows too much Zayn we need to talk " i add " Spencer we need to tell some one what he did to you he needs to pay for what he did." says Liam " i will Zayn will go with me you guys should go home you look tired." i say and they agree soon its just Zayn and i in my living room. " don't worry Spencer i only beat him up i didn't kill him Louis was with me he doesn't know about my past none of the guys do." he says " thank you Zayn i could have taken care of this." i say " i know Spencer but i wanted to . back in the camp we never really talk i didn't know your story and when i found out what he did to you i just wanted to snap his neck." he says " but Zayn what if people saw you ?" i ask " i took precautions Spencer i know you ranked highest in class but i did learn a lot as well i know what i was doing everything will be fine." he says " i have to go see him i need to know what he remembers and if he remembers your face i need to take care of it." i say " i cant let you go alone Spencer ." he says i agree and we both get in my car and drive to a pharmacy i see Sammy outside already waiting for me she is the only one who know every single part of my past she lived through it with me she is my twin. Danny, Amanda and i weren't aloud to talk about her after she ran away from Rebecca . " Spencer baby you look so grown up it feels like i haven't seen you in years." she says as she gets in the car " Sammy this is Zayn the guy i told you about ." i say " you told her about me?" Zayn asks " of course she told me she tells me everything its a twin thing." she says as i shoot her a he doesn't know look "Twin?" Zayn says " anyway whats going on Spence?" she asks " do you have the things i asked for ?" i ask " yea everything is here in the bag " she says as she hands me the bad " make him pay for what he did to you sister, well it was nice to meet you Zayn " she adds and gives him a hug Zayn was caught off guard he looked at me. Sammy got out of the car and went back into the store. " okay who is she first she called you her twin why ?" Zayn asks " not here Zayn its not safe." i say as i start the car we make our way to Joe's apartment and i open the door he is alone sitting on his couch " you look horrible." i say " well your little buddy was pretty angry this morning . you went that low Spencer to call some guys to beat me up." he says " no Joe i didn't ask him to do that it was your actions ." i say he tries to stand and grab me but Zayn grabs his shoulder and pulls him down " what are you doing here,looking for another round" he says this is what i hoped wouldn't happen he remembers Zayn's face " i'm sorry i hoped i wouldn't have to do this." i say as i inject him with something " what was that ?" Zayn asks " he wont remember anything that happened this last week . that's all you need to know we have to go now ." i say

Zayn's P.O.V

we arrive at Spencer's and i sit on the couch i need to know who that woman was she is beautiful . i cant think of her like that i am with Perrie " okay so spill it Spencer who is she?" i say " okay well if Louis told you the whole story you should know my mother past away when i was very young and my father re married a year after ." i say " yes he told me that part but what does that girl have to do with your mother." i say " well i wasn't an only child ." she say " you mean that girl is your sister" i ask " yes" she responds " but she looks to be around the same age as you." i say " yes Zayn she is my sister mom had twins she was so happy but didn't spend much time with us because of her sickness." she says i cant believe she has a twin " what is her name and why doesn't she live with you?" i ask " she ran away when we turned 14 she wanted me to go with her but i couldn't leave Danny that night Rebecca almost killed me but i wouldn't give her what she wanted Sammy was safe and far away she stayed in contact with me over the years i have kept her secret no one knows where she is and Amanda wouldn't recognize her if she saw her she wears blue contacts and colored her hair blond i almost didn't recognize her when i saw her again but she was wearing the necklace our mother owned before she passed away she gave us each a double infinity necklace . i couldn't stay with her because Rebecca watched me she is the one who got me into the camp she joined when she was 16 and managed to get me in without having to pay." she says wow so that girl is Spencer's sister. " did she keep your fathers last name?" i asked " no she changed it to our mothers, to the world she is Samantha Clarke and i am Spencer Reed it hurts me to say but as long as anyone knows we are friends not family." she says i cant believe how it would feel to see your sister everyday and not being able to call her your sister. " i will keep your secret Spencer." i say " thank you Zayn i knew you would understand and i know you want to ask she is single." she says as she walks to her kitchen how did she know i was wondering that i just looked at her and when she walked back into the room she says " i know Zayn because i saw the way you were looking at her that's the same way my dad looked at my mother." i say " but your dad married someone else after her death." i say " he only did that for us he thought that we needed a mother . he thought Rebecca would care for us he never loved her it was all for us." she says " dad loved my mother with all his heart he never forgot her some nights i would hear him playing his guitar on that back porch singing songs he wrote about her songs she loved" she adds " Spencer i dont know what to do i am dating Perrie ." i say " i know you are Zayn but you know how you feel you know she isn't the one." she says as she gets up and walks to the door i know what this means i walk out the door and head home Spencer is right i don't feel the same way for Perrie i have to tell her but how can i tell her on new years .

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