Spencer has been keeping secrets for a long time now is it time for them to come out . an unknown caller is blackmailing her will she get rid of this person or will she suffer for the truth. could she find true love or is she a joke to him.


11. the truth and Danny

when i wake up i smell bacon, i walk to my kitchen and see Louis standing there only in boxers making breakfast "what happened ?" i ask pointing to his face "don't you remember i got into a fight with Joe ."he says so cheerfully that's when it all came back everything that happened last night "i'm so sorry Louis i never meant for you to get hurt." i say a tear slips down my face he walks towards me and used his thumb to clean it "this wasn't your fault Spencer i would do anything to keep you safe so would the rest of the guys." he says

Louis P.O.V

"this wasn't your fault Spencer i would do anything to keep you safe so would the rest of the guys." i say now i know i don't like Spencer that way i mean she is gorgeous and has a great body but after what she told me last night i figured it out i just want to protect her she is part of the family. "thank you." she says " come on sit down love i made breakfast." i say and we both sit down and eat i help her clean up the mess that was left from last night and i get dressed" i want you to call your sister and go to her place okay i don't want you being alone." i say " i had plans with her anyway so i an going to head out to her house after i shower." she says " okay i will wait and walk you to your car." i respond " wait Spencer ." i say she turns around and i lift up her shirt exposing her torso she has bruises all over i start to cry silently tears roll down my face " he did this to you ." i add all she does is nod i see the scar her step mother left her with it is bigger than i thought that must have been a big piece of glass and it has to have been deep.i am more angry then ever joe got of easy last night it was just me. she gets out of the shower and gets dressed we walk to her car and i wait for her to drive off i let a few cars drive in between us and i follow her to make sure she gets to her sisters house safe. *ring**ring* "hello. Louis this better be good for you to be calling me this early" answered zayn it sounded like i woke him up" Zayn where are you we need to talk now." i say " at your place the guys all fell asleep but i wanted to check up on you i thought you might be sick but when i got here you weren't i was worried i called u loads of times mate why didn't you answer?." he says " where were you last night because you didn't come home?" he adds " that's what we need to talk about get dressed and i will be there in a few minutes." i say and hang up

Spencer's P.O.V

i know Louis fallowed me here but i am not mad at him i feel safe when he is around. i knock on Amanda's door until she opened up i walk straight in and sit on the couch. "where is Rosie?" i ask "she is at a friends house. whats going on ?" she asked " this is the perfect time to talk." i say " okay do you want something to drink." sh asks " water is fine Amanda its very important" i say " remember that night of the fire?" i ask " yes the night your friend Jenny was injured." she responds "well i thought for many years that i was the cause of her injury. that night i was on the second floor drinking i was planning to run away i started a small fire that wasn't the cause for the house to burn down it burned out quick i didnt know that because i jumped out the window when i heard noises downstairs, i didn't know Rebecca was with jenny she brought her there with lies telling her she was worried about me, Rebecca knew i was there i don't know when she found out that i would sneak out to that house and i don't know how she found out i was going to leave her but she did and that is why she took Jenny there she used her to make me feel guilty. Jenny and Rebecca had a small fight and that was the cause for jenny to end up in a wheelchair she left her there in the fire that Rebecca caused. what if Jenny would have died in there Rebecca never felt remorse." i say " but .. Spencer how could that be she cant be that evil." she responds " i have been thinking do you remember my dads car accident?" i ask " yes, he was driving home but didn't see the truck coming his way." she says " Amanda that morning i over heard a phone conversation between Rebecca and a man she was telling him that his money would be under the bridge , i stopped listening after that and i remember that when the hospital called she was missing for a few hours before making her way to the hospital." i say after i finish the sentence i hear the door creek open " Mommy Mommy grandma Becky is here." Rosie yells as she runs into the house " Hello Rebecca . what brings you here." says Amanda " well well well if it isn't my two selfish daughters." says Rebecca " i am nothing of yours Rebecca you only married my father but that does not make you my mother." i say as i make my way out of the house but Rebecca grabs my arm " i need you to sent me money for groceries and i need to pay the bills you should learn to start paying on time." she says i pull away from her and leave the house as soon as i get in my car i call Danny on the phone i bought him and have been paying for since i left that house he has been keeping it hidden from Rebecca. we talk for a while and i make plans for him to move in with me as soon as he turns 18 luckily he turns 18 on January 6th thank god tomorrow is new years because i cannot let him stay with that woman any longer.

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