Spencer has been keeping secrets for a long time now is it time for them to come out . an unknown caller is blackmailing her will she get rid of this person or will she suffer for the truth. could she find true love or is she a joke to him.


8. Rosie's birthday

" Niall i told you to wait for me to tell you it was safe for you to come in." i say " i know but i really have to wee." he says " fine just hurry up okay." i say i step in the shower and pull of the towel i throw it over to the sink " so are you naked in there ?" asks Niall i know he was smirking " now, now don't get any ideas Mr." i say " oh c'mon can i come in there ?" he asked "Niall if you are done go wait outside with the other boys ." i say " why cant i stay in here i will sing to you." he says and starts singing little things i turn off the water " Niall i'm done with the shower will you pass me a towel ." i say he does as i tell him and i step out " you have to walk out now i have to change." i say " but , but just let me stay please ." he begs " fine Niall but don't look " i say i start to change i am putting on skinny jeans but i'm struggling to get them on "Niall i said no looking " i say " i'm sorry i just you look well i... i'm sorry princess." he says "okay well since your here pass me my shirt its right behind you." i say we walk out of the bathroom and the boys are sitting there looking at us " well what do we have here "says Harry " you better have used protection." says Louis he has a sad look on his face but when he sees me staring he quickly smiles. "no we didn't do anything guys stop." says Niall "guys i just need to put some make up on and we can go." i say i go to my room and put on minimal make up . i quickly put on some eyeliner and mascara and walk out i grab my purse and pull out my lip gloss as i am putting it i notice Louis staring at me i don't know why out of nowhere he stares so much at me .

Louis P.O.V

wow Spencer looks great in those skinny jeans, i cant think of her that way she is with Niall i cant do that to him Spencer walks out of her room and picks up her purse and pulls out a small red tube its lip gloss she starts to put it on and i just cant stop staring at her full lips i just want to kiss her, no Louis what are you doing you have to stop she is your friend,Niall is your friend. "are you ready to go i want to have some cake come on." i say i cant let them know i like Spencer " yea i'm ready so who is driving with who?" Asks Spencer

Spencer's P.O.V

" i have my car so i guess i can drive a couple of the guys ." says Niall with a sad face i think he wanted to ride with me i wanted him to go with me too but its okay i mean we are going to the same place " shotgun !" yells Zayn,Liam and Harry get in the back seat " i will go with Spencer i don't think she should be alone ." Says Louis i think he is happy he is going to be riding with me because he has this stupid grin plastered on his face i give the guys directions to my sisters house and we drive off "oh crap" i say " whats wrong ?" asks Louis " i forgot i have to get the cake for the party sorry Louis we have to go to the store before getting to the party." i say " that's fine." he responds we enter the store and we make our way to the cakes we start searching for a cute one until i find the right one it is a Tinkerbell one we get her name written on it and as i am about to pay i hear a familiar voice call my name " Spencer , Spencer is that you?" the voice said i chose to ignore it but Louis didn't know anything about this person " Spencer i think that guy is talking to you aren't you going to talk to him?" he asked " no i'm not." i respond " Spencer i know that's you , really you are just going to ignore me you know you cant ignore me." he says as he pulls on my arm Louis grabs his hand and pulls it off of me " who do you think you are? don't you dear touch her." Louis yells " what is this loser doing , oh so he is the guy you are using to try and forget about me ." he says " she is not using anyone ,now get out of here ." says Louis " Spencer no one is going to make you forget about me i am the best thing that happened to you , without me you are nobody." he says as he walks away i cant stop the tears from rolling down my face Louis payed for the cake and walked me to the car he helped me into the passenger seat and was about to start driving when he received a text from the guys " where are you we just arrived at the house ?" "we had to stop at a store but we are on our way ." he responds " Spencer who was that guy ?" Louis asks but i cant talk Joe is the only guy i am afraid off last time i said something i shouldn't have i ended up in the hospital with two broken ribs i just stared blankly at Louis " we .. we have to go Amanda is going to be mad at me if i don't show up ." i say without blinking or looking away " fine Spencer but we have to talk about this would you prefer it to be Niall who talks with you ?" he asked "no!no please don't tell anybody." i say my voice sounds panicked "i am starting to worry Spence will you talk to me ?" he asked "okay um after the party i will tell the guys i am not felling good for movie night and that i will go home to sleep you can come over around 10 and don't tell them where you are going." i say " okay i will be at your place around 10 " he responds and we drive to Rosie's house " hey Rosie how are you sweety i miss you so much ." i say as she runs into my arms " i miss you too cupcake ." she yells " baby i have a surprise for you ." i say " you do ? what is it ? " she asks " guys come in !" i yell "AHHHHHHHHH oh my god how did you get them to come?" she asked " Well we are close friends of 'cupcake' here " Says Louis winking at me " and you must be Rosie." Says Harry they all hug her and take pictures she looks so happy " thank you so much cupcake she really needed to see you after what happened with john she has been very depressed i haven't seen her this happy since he was with us." says Amanda and starts to cry i hug her tight and don't let go " there is something i have to talk to you about ." i say " what is it honey?" she asks " its about Rebecca but it can wait i don't want to ruin Rosie's party i will call you tomorrow so we can talk." i say after the party we all hug goodbye and i start to walk to my car when Niall grabs my hand " we are still watching movies at Harry's right ?" he asks " i'm sorry Niall not today i am really tired but we will make plans later okay." i say " okay but i really wanted to have a movie night with you." he says "i know Niall i know." i say goodbye to all the boys and get in my car i drive home and when i get to my door i notice a shadow behind me i quickly grab my phone to call louis and turn around but before i dial Louis number i know i should be calling Niall but he doesn't know about Joe " Hey there you missed me." he says " what are you doing here Joe ?" i say with hatred in my voice " that is not the way to talk to me Spencer you know what happens when you do ." he says " Leave Joe you have no reason to be at my house and what was that scene you made at the store . you are no longer part of my life so stay out of it." i say that wasn't such a good idea because he back handed me i fall and hit my head on the door .

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