Spencer has been keeping secrets for a long time now is it time for them to come out . an unknown caller is blackmailing her will she get rid of this person or will she suffer for the truth. could she find true love or is she a joke to him.


15. New years party

Louis' P.O.V 

before Spencer Called me Zayn told us he broke up with Perrie, i didn't understand why he said he met someone else i thought he was out of his mind for doing that but it all makes sense now. Its because of Samantha if i didn't see Spencer like a sister i would have fallen for Sam as well but i know they are twins and the same way i feel for Spence i feel for Sam. i found out i don't just have Spencer as a sister but Sam as well they may not be my blood but i consider them my sisters. " Zayn where are you mate ?" i yell i have to have him look good for Samantha " i'm here whats going on?" he asked " i met her she is beautiful you need a new outfit man." i say " what are you talking about Lou?" he asks " is anyone else here?" i ask "Liam's in the kitchen why?" he says " i met Samantha today ." i yell "you did? what do you think of her? how did you meet her ?" he asked "well Spencer called me asking for a favor and i went over to her house but when i knocked Spencer wasn't at the door it was a blond version of her she explained everything to me and i helped them get ready for tonight ." i say "tonight?" Zayn asks "helped who get ready?" asks Liam as he walked into the room "i helped Spencer and Sam get ready for the party" i say "Sam" he says confused "who is Sam ?" Liam adds "Sam is Spencer's..." all i was going to say was sam is spencer's friend but zayn interrupted me  " she is the reason i couldn't stay with Perrie ." says Zayn really fast like if it hurt him to say those words out loud, Liam gasps and looks shocked "you will meet her soon we need to get everything prepared for tonight." i say and got up. " Harry called he is coming over in an hour with the food and Niall he has been out all morning looking for something i don't know what he has been acting wired." says Liam

Spencer's P.O.V

we arrive at Amanda's house and notice that Danny was there. i got out of the car and ran to him. "Danny baby how are you ." i say as i reached him "Hi Spencer who is that ?" he asks as he points to Sam " Danny this is Sam my friend " i say " hello Sam its nice to meet you " he says and Sam gives him a big hug then off to Amanda she goes giving her a hug as well and sees Rosie " and who is this beautiful child ?" she asks "this is Amanda's daughter Rosie." i say " Rosie say hello to Sam" i add no one suspected anything which was great but i still had to see if the guys suspected well only Harry ,Niall ,and Liam because Zayn and Louis already knew. " it was great seeing you guys but we are running late we have to go bye " i say and make my way out the door " well that went well i am so happy i got to see them again it has been so long and Rosie is adorable she looks just like Amanda." says Sam " i wish we could tell them who you really are but its to dangerous." i say "i know i do too but its not time yet ,the time for them to know the truth will come." she says 

we arrive at Louis place and walk in i see Liam and Harry i walk over to them and introduce Sam to them they don't notice any resemblance so i think that is good but soon harry gets a strange look on his face. Harry grabs my arm and pulls me upstairs " is that the girl Zayn has been talking about ?" he asks "i don't know if he has been talking about her but i did introduce them the other day why ?" i ask thank god he didnt say she looked like me " he kept saying that Perrie wasn't the right girl that he had met the right girl and he wanted us to meet her but he didn't know if that was going to happen." he says and a smile grows on my face "then yes that is the girl Zayn has been talking about." i say

Liam's P.O.V

"so your name is Samantha?" i ask i don't know why but i feel like i know her like i have seen her before. " yes but everyone calls me Sam or Samie " she responds " Zayn is a lucky guy but have i ever met you before?" i ask "i don't think so." she responds and a smile grows on her face when i mention Zayn i knew it she has the same smile as Spencer and her eyes she is wearing contacts i can tell she has features that resemble Spencer a little to much "who are you really Sam?" i ask " what do you mean? i'm Spencer's friend just like she introduced me." she says " i know that is not true you have the same smile Spencer does and you are wearing contacts plus there are other face features you have that resemble her a little to much so spill it ." i say she panics and looks around for Spencer but finds Zayn "i .. i cant tell you i'm sorry ." she says and runs to Zayn what is going on here . i can see that she is talking to him but i don't know what they are saying they are to far away they better tell me the truth i mean i am pretty good at spotting out lies and Zayn is a pretty bad lair. they walk over to me both staring at the ground somehow finding it very interesting. " Sam can you go upstairs and tell Spencer that Jamie is looking for her." says Zayn who is Jamie sometimes i just don't understand Zayn. " what is going on here Zayn who is that girl?" i ask "Look mate just wait for Spencer to come down here she will explain it to you until then i can't say anything." as he was finishing his sentence we hear Louis coming down the stairs yelling "NOOO NO NO NO Liam what did you do why couldn't you leave it alone , i failed no." he says acting very dramatic once he reaches us "Louis what are you yelling about?" i ask " Sam that's what." he says " you know too." i ask " well yea i am the one who made her look like that." he responds well now Louis will tell me whats going on he is to easy " Louis you need to tell me who she really is and what she is doing here." i say " well i can answer one part of that she is here to see Zayn oh and party but mostly to see Zayn." he responds winking at Zayn and smirking the conversation went on with the avoiding to answer me until Spencer showed up and decided to tell me everything, i had no idea the horrible things that woman did now i understand why she has been acting weird the last couple of days and why Louis was keeping secrets. " i am sorry Spencer i cant imagine how it must feel to have to live in a house that you are not aloud to talk about your own family or have to live so many years not knowing where your sister was." i say " its okay we always managed to find a way to know the other one was okay." she responds with a smile "ZAYNN!!!" we hear a voice its Sam

Samantha's P.O.V

"ZAYNN!!!" i yell i don't know what to say Niall thought i was Spencer but when i turned around he looked disappointed and then he grabbed my arm and wont let go "who are you why do you look so much like Spencer?" he asked i don't know what to say i just continue to call for Zayn "Niall what are you doing leave her alone ." says Zayn and pulls me away from him " why? do you know who she is ?" asks Niall " yes this is Sam, Spencer's s... just come down stairs Spencer can explain and call Harry it will be easier to just tell you two at the same time." says Zayn while walking down the stairs holing my hand we are all sitting in the living room when my phone goes off i look at everyone before i get up and walk outside to the front entrance. " hello ?" i say " finally you decide to answer now to where we left off Samie you are mine so lets make this interesting i have something of yours and well you have something i want ." he says i start to shake i thought he was dead " what do you want Stephan?" i ask " straight to the point i like it, the key i want the key i know you always have it with you so give it up and i will give back your box i didn't manage to open it but i know there is something useful in it so is it a plan." he says " o..okay where do you want to meet so i can give you the key and take my box." i say a little confident now "Here." he says and the call ends what "AHHHHHHHHHHHH." i yell as i am being pushed to a wall its Stephan he is here and has a knife im sorry Spencer i tried i couldnt keep you safe i think i know i am going to die " where is it where is the key " he asks " you are not going to get that key" i yell 

Spencer's P.O.V  

"guys i will be right back i'm going to check up on Sam." i say and walk out "AHHHHHH" i hear Sams voice i hide and try to see what is going on when i see the knife on her neck i try and wait till he moves it away so i can take my shot as soon as he pulls it away i start running to him and tackle him now i am straddling him as i manage to take the knife away it was easy since he was very confused he didn't see where i came from. "Spencer get off him we called the police they will be here soon and if you guys don't want them to ask questions you should go Niall will drive you. " yells Louis as Zayn pulls me off of Stephan i had so much anger towards him for years he threatened my sister and i couldn't do anything but now i can his face was all bloodied and Zayn put me in the back of the car Niall got in with me and Sam got in the front passenger seat " i'm going to go with them you guys take care of this without any scandals please." says Zayn as he gets in the car we are half way to my house when Zayn pulls over and looks at the clock " guys its a minute to midnight ." he says with a smirk directed to my sister " Spencer i have something i want to ask you." says Niall but before he says anything i see the clock turn 12 i don't know how i managed to but i crashed my lips to his, he was caught off guard but recovered pretty soon and held on to my waist i felt butterflies and sparks with his kiss i have never felt this way with any body else it was magical i pulled away to catch some air and saw that Zayn had kiss Samantha and they were having a make out session i cant believe it they just met " hey hey hey" i yell " keep it pg." i add they both laugh and i look at niall "Spencer will you be my girl... " i cut him off with a kiss " yes " i said as a smile started to grow on my face, Niall's eyes lit up he looked amazing i realized that the first day i met him was the day i fall in love with him i was mesmerized. we kissed until Zayn cleared his through " guys if you will can you wait till we get home before you two start getting so close." says Zayn and laughs " you are one to talk i saw you two i don't think you ever stopped for air." i say looking at Sam " Spencer!!" she says as her cheeks start turning red Zayn leaned over and gave her a peck on the lips " you look beautiful when you blush." he says causing her to blush even more " that is so cute you two but its cold so why don't you start up the car and go to my house." i say as Zayn drives off " i'm going to Call the boys to see what happened " says Niall





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