Spencer has been keeping secrets for a long time now is it time for them to come out . an unknown caller is blackmailing her will she get rid of this person or will she suffer for the truth. could she find true love or is she a joke to him.


7. New year shopping with Louis!!!!

the next couple of days i had spent getting to know the boys really well. i don't know where i am going to spend new years i think i am just going to stay in watch a couple of movies and go to bed. " so Spencer how will you be spending new years ?" asked Harry " oh i think this year i will be staying home." i say " oh no you wont love you will be coming over and spending it with us." Says Louis " do you have an outfit for the event ?" he added "no i guess i will wear whatever i find in my closet its no big deal." i say " we are going shopping and you cant say no. so go get your purse we are leaving in five minutes." says Louis he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards his car we got in and he drove off leaving the guys without saying goodbye. " where are we going ?" i asked " don't worry about it all you have to do is look pretty i will chose what you wear. oh and how do you feel about dresses?" he asked " fine i don't wear them much but i am okay with a dress." i respond we arrive at a store and he was not kidding about the dress thing all they sell here are dresses as we walked around the store he would pick out dresses " i like this one look." i say " no remember what i said earlier i will do all the picking what size are you? you look like a small but those might not fit into a small." he says the last part in a very gay tone and is pointing at my boobs  " um yea i wear small or medium." i respond " okay lets get these on you ." he says gesturing towards the fitting rooms " come out i need to see how they look on you." he yells i have tried about 10 dresses now and he has not chosen anything yet. " i know try this on i will be right back i just have to get another dress." he says " Louis will you come in here for a minute i cant get the zipper up on this thing!" i yell he steps in and lets the door close behind him " i told you they wouldn't fit wait i got an idea ." he says as he unsnaps my bra " take it off and we will see if it zips." he adds i do as he says and he was right i fit into the dress which was great because i really liked this dress " okay i have one more dress for you to try on before we go." he says with a devilish smile "i can't put this on it is to revealing ." i say " no it is fine just put it on ." he says he convinced me because a few minutes later i walked out of the room wearing the dress. "look at you, you look like you can start dancing any minute." he says " maybe i am " i say as i start dancing Bachata " come dance with me" i say wow he actually danced i was the one leading though he didn't do bad " okay okay that's enough go on get changed but first give me all the dresses before oh and the one you are wearing." he says i do as he tells me and start to change when i walk out of the room he is waiting for me he pulls me out of the store " wait what about the dress?" i ask " i took care of it come on" says Louis

Louis' P.O.V

i walk to the register and pay for the last two dresses she's tried on i know she wont be happy that i bought the last one but she will have to live with it. " hello i am ready to check out ." i say "the woman rang me up as Spencer walked out she passed me the bag i pull Spencer towards the car when she asked " wait what about the dress?" " i took care of it come on" i respond we get in the car and i ask her about her hair " what do you think of a new hair color ?" i ask " oh well my hair used to be red but i have colored it brown or black " she responds " well red it is." i say i drive to a hair salon and wait till her hair is done oh Niall is so lucky she is gorgeous and she has a great body she has one of those Latin bodies but curves suit her very well and her eyes they are just ... you instantly fall in love with those eyes . what what am i thinking she is Niall's girls stop it Louis you cant fall for her she is unavailable. " ready ?" i ask Spencer " yea i just have to pay " she responds " my treat come on the guys are probably worried about us." i say as soon as we get in the car i receive a text from Harry " hey mate where are you guys ? you know fans have been writing on twitter that you have been spotted at a clothing store with a girl they say she is your girlfriend they have a picture of you two in your car and of you two dancing and well Niall is spitting fire here saying some nonsense about how you were looking at her , i think you need to come here and explain things to Niall." "oh crap , Spencer guess what you are all over twitter there is a picture of us sitting in my car." i say " what when could they have taken the picture i never saw anybody." she responds we drive back home i have to tell Niall that i don't have feelings for Spencer even if it means i am lying to myself but i know i would never try anything with her because she is with Niall and i know how much he cares for her he even called her his princess and that means a lot.

December 29

Spencer's P.O.V

i get a call from a blocked number and when i answer a guy tells me that i can go pick up my dad's car that its ready. i text Zayn asking him if he could give me a ride to pick up the car he said yes and when he arrived at my apartment he wasn't alone Harry had decided to tag along " hey guys thanks for the ride" i say as we drive to pick up the car we arrive at the shop about twenty minutes after leaving my apartment i get out and the boys follow " hey i'm Spencer i am here to pick up the..." i was cut off by an old man " you are here for the impala that is a great car i knew the owner of that car he asked me to take good care of her until his daughter came to pick her up and that must be you because you look so much like him." he says " yea that's me." i say with a smile . " take very good care of her your father cared for her with his life here are the keys we have put everything under your name when your father left her here and the tank is full." he says " thank you so much ." i respond i walk to Zayn and Harry then they follow me towards my new car " This is your car ?" they both say in unison " yes this is the baby my father left me." i respond it is a beautiful shiny black impala " can i ride with you ?" asked Harry " you are leaving me alone mate." says Zayn " sorry man i want to see how this baby runs." Harry responds we get into the car as i start her up she sounds great i drive Harry to the studio where the rest of the guys are. Zayn is waiting for us outside " hey guys don't say anything to the rest of the boys when we get in there i want to see what they think of the car when they see her." i say they both agreed and we walked in to look for the guys they were just about done because only Liam and Louis had to finish their parts of the song. " Hey Spencer ." yells Niall as he runs to give me a hug " where were you we missed you" said Liam " oh i just needed Zayn and harry's help for a bit." i say " well what do you say we go back to my place to watch some movies ?" Says Louis " that sound great." i respond we walk out of the studio and the first thing we see is my car the guys go crazy i then walk around to the drivers side and open the door " This is the car your dad left you ?" asked Liam " yea i just picked her up today." i respond Niall gets in the car with me and we drive to Louis house we watched movies until it was dark when i looked at the clock it was already 11:30 i was getting tired and leaning against Niall soon i started drifting off into sleep when i woke up i felt arms around me i opened my eyes and saw Niall holding me i shifted and he woke up " good morning beautiful" he says causing me to blush " good morning " i respond and try to get up but he wont let go of me " wow there you two get a room we don't want anything happening on that couch we sit there come on." says a half naked Louis "Niall let the girl get up she doesn't want to catch your cooties " says Zayn he let go of me and started to chase Zayn i guess harry was on Niall's side because he tripped Zayn and Niall tackled him it was really funny seeing the guys like this soon Louis yelled" hey i want in on this" and jumped on top of Niall " hey where are you going ?" asked Louis " i have to go home and change then i need to buy my niece a birthday present." i respond " what a party i want to go " he says " well there are a lot of 6 year old girls there so they might go crazy if you show up but you showing up there would be a great surprise for them." i say " guys we have a party to crash come on get dressed." Louis yells we drive around to a few stores to get somethings i need then i call my step sister to tell her what is going on she agrees with having the boys come, " okay guys i need to make one more stop at my apartment i need to change." i say " okay Spence just don't last hours like normal girls do ." Says Harry we arrive at my apartment and i run to my room " guys i am going to take a quick shower i will be right out ." i yell " fine " they all said i start to undress and get in the shower when i hear a knock at the door "Spencer i have to wee." i hear a whiny Niall on the other side of the door " Niall i'm in the shower." i yell back at him "c'mon Spencer i have to wee." he whines more " Fine Niall but wait to open the door until i tell you to ." i say " yes fine" he replies i step out of the shower and wrap myself in a towel and walk to the door and unlock it i start walking back to the shower when Niall burst in the door

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