Spencer has been keeping secrets for a long time now is it time for them to come out . an unknown caller is blackmailing her will she get rid of this person or will she suffer for the truth. could she find true love or is she a joke to him.


10. my story

Spencer's P.O.V

" well i guess i should start with my mother." i say " okay ." Louis responds "when i was two years old my mother past away she had been fighting cancer but could not fight it anymore, my dad thought i needed a mother because i would see all my friend with their mothers and i couldn't remember mine .years after my mothers death he remarried to Rebecca she was a divorced mother. Amanda was 5 years older than me. my dad and Rebecca had a child and named him Daniel we all call him Danny he is 17 right now. Amandas father had full custody of her so it was just Danny and i with that woman, it was as if Danny was my child i took care of him and myself.i was a child taking care of a new born, a month before Danny turned ten dad was in a car accident and died that is when everything started to change i was Rebecca's slave i had to take care of Danny which wasn't bad because i loved him i would do anything even if it meant i was going to get hurt . every time something was done wrong or there was a loud noise Rebecca would beat us well me because i would take the blame i didn't want her to hurt Danny. when i turned 15 Danny was playing outside when he kicked the soccer ball through the window i ran outside to see him crying ."i'm sorry Spence i didn't mean to do that i was just playing" he said to me i hugged him and whispered in his ear 'Danny i want you to go into your room and lock the door no matter what you hear you stay in there okay  i looked at him and gave him another hug "no Spencer i don't want her to hurt you." he said still crying "do what i say Danny i can take it, if i don't do this she will hurt you and today will not be the day that woman touches you,you understand." i said he looked at me and gave me another hug before he ran upstairs i was cleaning up the pieces of glass when she walked in the house she yelled at me to tell her why the window was broken i said i was cleaning and i didn't noticed that i had thrown the soccer ball that hard and when the glass shattered i started to clean up so that she wouldn't get hurt . her face was so red i thought she would spit fire she walked to me and started beating me like no other i thought she was going to kill me i couldn't stand anymore as i started to fall she pulled me up and threw me against the broken window i cried out because a piece of glass had stabbed into my side she looked at me and said '"i hope you learn from this now when i come back i want this all cleaned up." she walked out the door and Danny ran down the stair he helped me up but when he saw the glass sticking out of my torso he started to freak out i was in so much pain but i had to be strong for him i couldn't let him see how weak i felt  i had to do this for him if the house wasn't clean when she came home she wouldn't just beat me but Danny too and i couldn't let that happen. i stood up my whole body hurt but i had to hold in the cries it was all for Danny. i looked at him "Danny i need you to help me can you go upstairs and clean everything that you see is dirty i said he looked at me and ran up stairs i made my way to the bathroom i had to pull out the glass it was causing to much pain i grabbed what i needed to stop the bleeding i pulled out the first aid kit and opened it . i know Danny could hear me screaming but he didn't come down he knew i was going to be okay after all i did tend to my woulds alone every time she had beaten me . i pulled the glass out and applied pressure to my wound i started getting things from the first aid kit to wrap the wound i took a few pills for the pain i knew she would notice the things that were gone so i called Amanda i asked her to bring me the things i needed to put back and a few extra for me to clean my wound she was scared that if she called the police on her she was afraid we would end up in foster care and she would never see us again. i cleaned myself up and finished cleaning the living room when i hear the door Danny ran down stairs and opened the door Amanda walked in as i fall she ran to me and carried me to my bed she was making a phone call when i woke up a couple minutes later her husband walked in my room with his medical kit ( did i mention her boyfriend at the time was a doctor and was a few years older than her) he gave me something and i cant remember what happened after that but when i woke up again i had new bandages and Amanda was standing beside me holding Danny in her arms .a few weeks later Rebecca got really drunk and tried to hit Danny but i wouldn't let her she beat me again and i fall down the stairs.when i was 17 i would sneak out to an abandoned house and drink i had friends but no one knew what i did there no one knew what happened in my house , i was beaten at home and at school i was bullied but i had to be strong i didn't let them get to me. when they started bullying Danny that's when it would get to me after school i would pick up Danny from his school and the kids i went to school with started to say thing about him he wasn't strong like me he didn't have to be strong the way i did i was strong for both of us. one day i saw Kevin the guy who started bullying me with my brother he started pushing him around i couldn't take it i had to do something i knew when Rebecca found out what i did she would beat me but i didn't care i ran to Kevin and jumped on his back causing him to fall to the ground i landed on top of him i yelled for Danny to run home instead he ran to an ally and hid i knew he couldn't see what i was about to do and i just started beating him punch after punch i felt two hands pull me back it was Cody and Jordan they held me down and waited for Kevin to get up his face was full of blood i didn't know i had done that i didn't know i could do that i have no idea what came over me to do that but i did, Kevin started hitting my stomach i had bruises that Rebecca had given me the day before so it hurt a lot they left me on the ground and ran away Danny ran to me and helped me up we walked home to find Rebecca waiting for us i whispered for Danny to go to his room by now he did whatever i said because he know what Rebecca could do to him that night i was beaten very badly but i didn't feel bad for what i did i continued to go to the abandoned house to drink one night i was ready to run away i was playing with matches i was going to burn the place down so every one would think i was dead well not every one Danny knew what i was going to do i had all my things packed i even had some money saved i didn't expect for Jenny to be at the house that night i was on the second floor when i heard a scream i was scared i jumped out the window and ran to my house . Luke my boyfriend at the time pulled Jenny his sister out of the fire she has been in a wheelchair since that day i couldn't see them anymore i broke up with him and that was the last time i saw him until graduation he tried to talk to me but i couldn't look at him a felt disgusted about what i had done. it was 3 days before i turned 18 and i had everything planned i had met Joe and he was going to help me get out of this place he had set up a place for me to life and had found me a job. that night i talked to Danny i told him that even though i wasn't living with him that i would still take care of him . that's when Joe and i began to get close he was a great person until i turned 19 we had been dating for 7 months and a few days after i turned 19 he wanted to have sex but i wasn't ready for that i was so insecure about my body i had so many scars and i had that big scare i got when i was 15 . i couldn't look at myself in the mirror i couldn't let another person look at me . he forced himself on me that night . the next day when he came back i had all his things outside and i had changed all my locks i was thankful that he got me out of the place i was in but i wasn't going to be in a place that was close to what it was when i lived with that woman. i had money i worked 3 different jobs i had no friends but  i was determined to get Danny out of that place when i moved out of Rebecca's house she quit her job i was supporting myself and her i was okay with it because of Danny . i made a bank account to his name and i would put money in for him i knew he would leave her too and i was going to be the one to help him." i said the last words with tears rolling down my face " Spencer i had no idea ." he responds and holds me, i cry on his shoulder until i fall asleep.

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