Spencer has been keeping secrets for a long time now is it time for them to come out . an unknown caller is blackmailing her will she get rid of this person or will she suffer for the truth. could she find true love or is she a joke to him.


3. good news

“ alright I will be expecting your call I really need this and can I ask a favor a lot of people wouldn't want to have a song from an inexperienced girl could you not mention my name they are my dad’s anyway.” I say “Of course Spencer we will do what you say. Be expecting a call from us tomorrow around noon.” Says Carl I walk back to my car and drive home when I walk in I start having memories of my father. I start remembering all the fun times we had playing guitar. I pull out my guitar and start strumming soon I start thinking of lyrics and two hours later I had a song, when I was done I started crying non stop.

December 20

I woke up at 6 am because my phone was ringing " hello" I answered and a raspy voice kept repeating “you have three days, only three days” and after the 4th time repeating it the phone call cut off, after that I could not fall asleep I was wide awake. Whenever I am worried about something I start baking by noon I already had 6 batches of cupcakes, 2 cakes and a batch of chocolate chip cookies. i wasn't planning on eating all these on my own. My phone rang and I felt so jumpy until I read the caller ID it was gorge I answered quickly “ hello gorge how are you ?” I speak into the phone “hey Spencer we have great news can you come in to the office at 2 bring your lyric sheets.” Says gorge “ yes I will be there thank you so much.” I say as we both hang up It was 1:30 and I had already been here waiting for gorge for about ten minutes he finally showed up at 1:40 we walked to the conference room where everyone else was already there “ sorry that the band couldn't be here but they loved your songs and want to use them for their first album they are willing to pay a lot of money for your songs.” Says Carl “looks like you have found yourself a deal miss.Reed, now come with me I will write you a check before you leave.” Says gorge gesturing for me to follow I cant believe what they payed me I even have about 6 grand left from the money. Now I need a safe place to keep this money for Friday I hope that after this whoever has been texting me will leave me alone for good.

December 21

I received a call that woke me up it was from an unknown caller it was her the woman who was black mailing me her voice sounded familiar but I couldn't figure out from where I knew this person. She told me she needed 25,000 early and that the other 25 would be delivered on the 23rd as we had planned before I did as I was told I went to the park that stands where the old house was at she asked me to leave the money in a trash can and to just walk away I did as I was told and an hour later I arrived at home thinking about how stupid I was I could have waited and found out who this person was but it was to late I couldn't do anything about it now. Alison called me today “ hey Spence I need you to come in there is a package here for you and I need it out before noon.” she says “do you know what it is Alison ?” I ask “no the person who dropped it off said that no one should touch it but you.” She responds “okay I will be there in about 20 minutes” I say When I arrived at work I saw the box it was a pretty big box and heavy so I asked a couple of the guys from work to help me carry it into my car. I drove home and opened the box it was filled with my dad’s things from his storage unit there was a letter attached to the box “ Spencer this box was taking up space I don’t know what is in it but it belonged to your father so it must be a bunch of crap do whatever you want to do with it I have no use for it. Oh and I have hurt myself so I cant work I need you to give me money for your no good brother he is starting to be a brat. I cant believe she would use him to get money from me I have to go see him. I leave the box alone it can wait I drive to Rebecca’s house and find that there is no food and Danny has no new clothes I take him out shopping and get some groceries. “ look Danny you will turn 18 in January and if you want to move out I have a spare room where you can stay. Whenever you need somewhere to stay you know I have a place for you I will always have a place for you.” I say “ I know pen pen ( a nickname that stayed with me since Danny couldn't say Spencer when he was little) and I will take you up on that but mom cant know about this she will hate you more then she already does and I don’t want her hurting you.” He responds as he gets out of the car with all the bags “ wait Danny here keep this you might need it keep it safe and don’t tell her you have this.” I say and hand him 3,000 its all I have left he needs it more than I do "don't spend it all its only for emergencies like food and such." i say. I get back to my apartment when its already dark I have no time to look through the box its so late I might as well wait till tomorrow I am beat.

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