Spencer has been keeping secrets for a long time now is it time for them to come out . an unknown caller is blackmailing her will she get rid of this person or will she suffer for the truth. could she find true love or is she a joke to him.


4. for old times

December 22

This morning has turned out great I searched the box it was filled with dads old guitars I thought that Rebecca had gotten rid of them a long time ago but I guess dad kept good care for them, what surprised me it that he still had my blue guitar the one that she took away from me I don’t know how he got it back but he managed to do more he had my name carved into it across the bottom was written Spencer in beautiful letters. That morning a spent tooning the guitar and playing my own songs. *ring ring* “ Hello” I say “ hey Spencer its Niall I just wanted to know if you wanted to have dinner with me tonight ? please say yes “ he says “ oh um yea I have time tonight what time did you have in mind?” I ask oh my god I cant believe he is asking me out after I blew him off. “ I will pick you up at 7 i made reservations for that new restaurant on 23rd street see you soon.” He says and hangs up before I have a chance to respond. How could he have reserved dinner there it’s the hottest place right now its pretty hard to get a table. I don’t know what to wear oh god I haven't gone on a proper date since I was 17. Crap this is going to go horribly wrong I know it will. ( I think and mentally face palm myself) Okay Niall will be here in 30 minutes and I am just about done with my make up I decided to go with a smokey eye and nude lips with the pink dress I recently bought I let my hair fall into its natural waves. My shoes crap what am I going to wear. I run to my closet but cant find anything that matches with my dress I make an effort to get up but bump into something it was a box with my name on it this was my mothers handwriting inside were a pair of gorgeous pink pumps and a letter that said that my mother had picked these shoes for me that she would have loved to see me wear them they were supposed to be my 18th birthday present on the back there was more it read PS. Baby I love you and these shoes for me represent your transition to turning into a woman you are all grown up and I am honored to say that I am your mother. Tears fell down my face as I read this soon I was pulled out of my trance by the doorbell that must be Niall I cant let him see I was crying. “ Coming” I yell to the door I run to the bathroom wipe my tears and make sure my makeup is alright I put on the pumps and open the door I see Niall standing there with roses he doesn't speak all he does is stare “are you okay ?” I ask “ oh yeah I am. You … you look beautiful.” He says as he hands me the roses I take them and put them in water we walk to his car and drive to the restaurant. A young brunette welcomes us and leads us to our table. “ welcome. what can I get you two to drink?” she asks We get our order and start a conversation. I had no idea that Niall knew how to play guitar he works in the music industry well he is just starting I thought that was cool I don’t know really what part of the music industry but i'm guessing it has something to do with guitars he talks so much about his love for that instrument. I mention that I know how to play the guitar but I don’t really want to get into that “ wow time went by so fast its 9:50” I say “ yea I cant believe it either well what do you say we get a few drinks ?” asks Niall I was about to respond when I notice someone walking our way it cant be what is Luke doing here I thought he moved away when jenny was hurt. “ hey there long time no see Spencer how are you?” asks Luke “what are you doing here? Did you move back?” I asked “ oh i'm so sorry Niall this is Luke an old friend and Luke this is Niall.” I add “ very nice to meet you Luke.” Says Niall “ same goes to you Niall.” He says and turns back to me “ yes Jenny wanted to come back I thought it would do here some good to come back into town.” He adds “ well that is great where is she ?” I ask “ she is waiting for me outside I am just here to pick up our order.” He responds “ Hey Luke if you and Jenny aren't doing anything on Christmas eve you guys are welcome to come spend it at my place.” I say He agreed and walked away the ride back to my place was very quiet Niall hardly spoke and when he dropped me off I asked if he wanted to come in but he says he had things to do and walked back to his car. I had a bad feeling about this date i just knew something was going to go wrong but I don’t know what I did wrong I really like him and I don’t want to mess anything up with him. I think I lost my chance I am sure he will never want to see me after tonight.

December 23

I couldn’t sleep last night I was so upset because today it the day I meet with this strange woman who knows so much about my past. I have been up since 4:30 I guess I shouldn't be drinking all this coffee but I am scared I don’t know what this person is capable of. This day is going so slow it is barely 12:00 what am I supposed to do just sit here. I decide that playing will keep my mind off the subject so I grab my guitar and a piece of paper I soon start writing it’s a song about forgiveness how some people deserve it. Some people do not chose to do bad things but they just happen. I look up and its time I get the money and start driving soon I am at the park I leave the money where I was asked but instead of leaving I go hide to see who this person is. About 20 minutes later I see a woman approach the money and she takes off a pair of sun glasses. No it can’t be how could she have known why is Rebecca doing this to me, and why does she look fine last time i saw her she had a cast on her leg. This is something I never expected but knowing her she is capable of anything. I cant… no this is not happening. I go back home and spend the rest of the day in bed I have suddenly fallen very tired.

December 24

I have to prepare everything for tonight I am running late how could I have overslept. After getting everything for the dinner I start cooking its 4 already and just before Luke and jenny show up I managed to get ready and have the table set. “ hello Jenny it has been so long since I last saw you.” I say “ yes it has been . why did we loose contact we were inseparable.” She responds We sit for diner and about half way done with the evening I receive a text message from a blocked number it is an image so I open it and find out it’s a picture of Niall at the same restaurant he took me with another girl. Why didn't he just tell me he didn't want to see me again it would have been so much better, he hasn't tried to talk to me since our date so I guess he moved on.but who is sending me this. “Spencer?” I hear Jenny’s voice “ yes Jenny i'm here.” I respond she moves her chair next to me and looks me straight in the eyes “don’t blame yourself Spence you don’t know the whole story.” She responds I just stare at her “what do you mean Jen ?” I ask “ that night it wasn't your fault. I was afraid to speak before but you deserve to know.” She responds and looks over at Luke, “I deserve to know what?” now I don’t know what to think “ that night the night of the fire you didn't start that big fire you just burnt a hole in the second floor. down stairs I wasn't alone Rebecca was there too she told me to help her look for you but I should have known something was wrong when she dragged me into that house she slammed me against the walls, I tried running up the stairs but she was too fast she pulled me back and I fell wrong, that is what caused my injury not you after you jumped out of the window she pulled out matches and started lighting everything I drifted to unconscious after that all I remember is Luke pulling me out of the house. She visited me at the hospital and said she would kill me if I ever spoke about that night to anybody especially you but now I know she has nothing on me she wont risk getting caught just to hurt me I am never alone.” She says “ I cant believe she would do this to you I am so sorry I should have known that she was involved in this.” I respond but all she does is hugs me “ I would never blame you Spence you are the nicest person I have ever met.” She says before she leaves. My phone kept ringing it was Niall but I didn't want to talk to him I couldn't believe I let myself fall for him.






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