Spencer has been keeping secrets for a long time now is it time for them to come out . an unknown caller is blackmailing her will she get rid of this person or will she suffer for the truth. could she find true love or is she a joke to him.


6. dream car

December 26

Liam kept his word he arrived at my apartment at 9:00. “ hey Spencer I was thinking since I’m here now why don’t we get something to eat and a coffee.” Says Liam “ okay let me just get my purse and things.” I respond We end up eating at a small restaurant and get some coffee to go Liam is so nice why couldn't I have met him before Niall. He still talks about Niall he wants me to forgive him and talk to him but I cant he lied to me not just once and I don’t know if I can forgive him. we drive to a lawyers office ,The attorney told me that my father left me a 1967 impala and also gave me the keys to my fathers storage unit. i found so many of my fathers things and he saved all of my mothers things as well, if Liam wasn't here with me i would have broken down but he helped me with this i am glad i wasn't alone. " Lets get this into the car and take it to your apartment, we are going to need to take two trips ." says Liam "thank you so much Liam i don't know what i would have done without you. i know we haven't known each other for a long time but in these few hours we have known each other you have been great help." i say " i feel like i have known you for a long time." he says we drop off the things at my apartment and head back to pick up the rest but on the way he receives a phone call from a guy named Paul since he was driving he asked me to answer " Hello?" i say " Hello where is Liam we need him " says the man through the phone " he is driving and asked me to answer for him." i say " well tell him we need him in the studio in five minutes ." he says we end the phone call and Liam tells me he just has to go in for a few minutes and that after we can finish taking the things back to my place. "Liam did you tell Niall that you met me ?" i ask " no i didn't think that you wanted me to." he responds "where do they think you are right now?" i asked "i told them i was helping a friend with some things , they didn't really ask any questions." he says " alright i will go with you i want to meet the rest of the guys any way i feel like i already know them because of all that you talk about them." i say we make our way to the studio where the guys were already waiting for him " hey Liam where were you ,oh who might this be ?" says Harry " Hello sweetheart my name is Louis and what might yours be beautiful?" says well he already introduced himself Louis " Hi Louis its so nice to meet you Liam has talked so much about you. My name is Spencer." i say with a smile on my face as soon as i finish talking he moves in for a hug i guess they all are huggers each of the guys hugged me after introducing themselves " Hey Spencer can we talk i haven't had a chance to explain myself." says Niall " You two know each other ? " asks Zayn " oh um yea do you remember the girl i was talking to you about?" asked Niall " yea is that here? oh my god you weren't lying when you said she was gorgeous. " says Louis " and she isn't even wearing make up wow." says Harry " um Liam what are they talking about?" i asked so only he could hear me "well ever since you and Niall went on that date he has not stop talking about you." he answers speaking to me close so the guys cant hear "so can we talk?" asked Niall " yea i guess." i respond we calk into another room " Spencer why have you been ignoring my calls i have tried calling you for two days now." he asked "i have been really busy lately." i respond " not to busy to hang out with Liam. where did you meet anyway?" he asked " he has been helping me with some family issues and i met him at a Christmas dinner." i say " Hey Liam where were you on Christmas ?" yells Niall through a door " i was out visiting some people." he says but Niall doesn't believe him " tell me the truth" says Niall " fine i was at an orphanage earlier that day i brought them food for them to have a proper Christmas dinner and when i showed up because the nuns invited me to come to dinner with them well i walked in on Spencer.." i cut him off " thats enough information liam thank you." y say " what were you doing there Spencer " asked Louis " every year i go buy the kids some gifts and bring them in for the kids." i say " that is so sweet of you." says Harry " so what did liam walk in on you doing?" asked zayn " i was just handing out the gifts." i say " Guys we need you to finish the song come on" says a guy dressed in all black we wait because each guy sings one at a time and Niall is singing when Harry brings a guitar and hands it to me" do you play?" he asked " yea a little ." i say  " come on play something for us we want to hear something" says Harry only if he knew he has already heard me sing it was him who walked in when i was selling the songs to the company " alright um but i don't know what to play ." i say i start playing teenage dirt bag and start to sing half way through the song Niall comes in i am sat right across from the door and when he sees that i am singing he stands there with his mouth wide open. "wow that was amazing and that voice i have a feeling i have heard it before i just cant put my finger on it." says Harry " well being honest you have heard me sing before remember the day that you walk into the studio and a girl was singing . Gorge ,Carl an a few other guys ?" i asked " yea i remember that day how could i forget she had a great voice and oh my god that was you how could i not have known." says Harry " yea that was me." i say " so it means that the songs we are recording are your songs?" says Zayn i nod telling them yes " you are such a talented girl." says Harry later we go out for lunch and it came up that i received a picture of Niall at a restaurant with another girl i told them i didnt know who sent it to me but i guess it was Harry's sister and Harry was there too but he was cut out of the picture.

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