Spencer has been keeping secrets for a long time now is it time for them to come out . an unknown caller is blackmailing her will she get rid of this person or will she suffer for the truth. could she find true love or is she a joke to him.


5. Christmas

December 25

Well it is Christmas and every year I buy presents for the kids in the orphanage just like my father did and I will not let Rebecca and her little stunt stop me from this I go to buy them gifts I used money from my savings it takes all day for me to get everything I need but I am ready I still have the box that had all of my dad’s guitars and use it for the toys I put everything in the car and drive. “hello mother Cecilia I brought toys for the kids they deserve to have a good Christmas.” I say “ thank you so much sweetheart but you don’t have to do this every year the donations you bring us is enough I don’t know how you could have such a kind soul.” She responds “I do this because it fills me with joy seeing the kids when they open the gifts.after my father past i hadn't felt the joy i feel when helping the kids” I say she walks the kids out for us to hand out the present’s one by one the kid’s line up to get the toys. When the last girl shows up I reach into the box and touch something that feels like a guitar this doesn't seem right I pull it out and see it was my dad’s favorite guitar. “ you are not giving that away Spencer it was your dad’s since he was a little boy, here he used to sing to us every Christmas.” Says mother Karen “oh no this is mine I would never give this away .” I say and pull out the last gift and hand it to the small child she looks at me and says “ will you sing for us please.” There is no way I can say no to her little brown eyes I sit down and start playing all the children and the nuns are singing along but until the last song I hear the voice of a man he has a British accent soon I stop playing and look at him mother Cecilia turns around and greets him “ oh Liam it is so good to see you I thought you wouldn't come we have everything for the dinner prepared we are so thankful for your decision to give us the things for our Christmas dinner.” She says “don’t mention it, this was my pleasure and I would not miss this dinner for anything. Who is the girl with the guitar?” he asks “ oh silly me I forgot to introduce you two Liam this is Spencer and Spencer this is Liam.” She says “ Spencer ? are you friends with Niall?” he asked “ oh um yea I know someone named Niall but I doubt it is the same person. well mother Cecilia, mother Karen i should get going it was nice meeting you liam” I respond and pick up my guitar but there is something in it like a piece of paper I can’t check what is in it here because i don’t want to damage it."oh honey wont you stay for dinner." asks mother Karen i could never say no to that woman "hey Spencer I know its you the girl that Niall cant stop talking about he has described you perfectly.” He says to me after the dinner as I try to turn my car on but it wont start. “ let me drive you home its late and cold.” He adds “Its okay i can walk from here" I say and start heading up the street I don’t live very far anyway its about two streets down but he followed he kept saying it was dangerous for me to be walking alone at night. “ look I am sure you are a nice guy and all but i am not interested in being friends with Niall or his friends ” I yell out “I don’t know what you mean” he says " look Liam thanks for walking me home but this is as far this friendship goes and if ur friends with Niall why don't you tell him to stop calling me i don't need pitty from anyone." i say " have i made you angry in any way if i have i am sorry but i dont know anything about what you are saying about niall." he says I think he really doesn't know what happened so I let him in to my apartment and make us both hot chocolate Soon I find myself telling him everything even showing him the picture that was sent to me and he looks at me and says “ he hasn't told you has he?”, “ what do you mean what did he not tell me ?” I ask “ look Niall should have told you this but I guess I will have to Niall ,myself and three other guys we are in a boy band I guess people are starting to recognize us. He should have told you earlier.” He says “what do you mean you are in a boy band?” I ask “yes we were on a tv show and we are called One direction.” He responds that name it sound familiar “ i heard that name before , gorge i uh I sold a few songs and the people from the recording label told me the songs were for a boy band was that you?.” I say “ you wrote those songs?” he asked “well technically my father wrote them but he used my lyrics.” I respond “ wow I cant believe it you know you are really good, why don’t you continue writing?” he asked “I do, I still write but I only do it for myself.” I say “can I read anything that you have or were those songs it?” he says " i have some stuff ive been working on but its not finished" i say he picks up the paper with my songs. Soon he starts singing but the song he chose I still haven’t finished and it’s a duet I am not going to sing with him. “ come on you have to help me I can’t sing both parts.” He says “ no I can’t I’m not very good at it.” I say " dont lie i heard you ant the orphanage" he says He convinces me after two minutes of begging and when he heard me sing he froze. “ Spencer you have a lovely voice.” He says We talk for a while about nonsense and about my music, my playing ,my singing then he started talking about the group he told me all about Zayn, Harry, Louis, and Niall but I didn't want to talk about Niall then I remembered “my dad’s guitar when I was playing tonight I noticed there was something inside of it but I couldn't get it out I don’t want to hurt the guitar I know it was paper.” I say “ I can help you with that why don’t you bring your guitar here.” He responds I grab the guitar and hand it to him it takes about 30 minutes but we finally get the paper out I start reading it “this can’t be, my father had a hidden will. It says he left me his old car and everything in the storage unit he had. I think Rebecca doesn't know about this storage unit.” I say “Spencer I can help you with this. Tomorrow I will pick you up at 9:30” he says as he walks out of my place.

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