Spencer has been keeping secrets for a long time now is it time for them to come out . an unknown caller is blackmailing her will she get rid of this person or will she suffer for the truth. could she find true love or is she a joke to him.


2. a walk

December 18

Nothing special today i received a couple of text messages in the night i decided to ignore them and when i woke this morning i walked to Starbucks i need a little coffee i know its winter but i just cant resist the frappuccinos i put on a skater skirt and a crop top with some tights and my black leather jacket i go everywhere with it or my blue jacket anyway i walked to Starbucks and as i was going to walk in i heard a guy yell watch out but it was to late a guy ran out of the store and bumped me pushing me towards the street the guy who tried to stop me from getting hurt ran towards me and pulled me back before i was hit by a car. " are you okay ?" asked this gorgeous guy with blue eyes looks like his hair is brown but dyed blond his hair doesn't look bad he can pull of the roots grown from hair color and he has an Irish accent that was so charming. " y..yea i.. uh yes i'm fine thank you for helping me." i respond " well it was nothing beautiful now what do you say i buy you a cup of coffee ?" he asked " um sure why not i would love a cup of coffee ?" i respond with a small smile. we really got to know each other it was so nice to to get to know someone i have not been able to talk to anyone the way i talked with him i also haven't felt this way before he asked for my number after he received a text some one was asking him to meet across from where we were at. " i am so sorry i lost track of time i forgot i have to get to a meeting in about 20 minutes its going to take me 15 to get there and i still have to walk home to get my car i'm going to be late i'm so sorry i have to leave like this i really want to see you again." he says " look if you need a ride i can drive you. i live right across the street we can get my car and ill take you to your meeting ." i respond " i don't want to waste your time i don't want to be a bother." he says " its okay i have time " i say and we walk to my apartment and i get my keys we talk a bit longer until we arrive at his destination he asks for my number and i give it to him he puts the number into his phone and texts me " now you have my number Spencer and you can put it under Niall." he responds we say our goodbyes and i drive to a clothing store that is near by. i go in and find a beautiful lace dress its flowie and long sleeved the color is a little different for me i have never been one to wear pink but when i tried it on i fell in love with it i just had to have it . i pay for it and walk out of the store and into my car then i receive another text message ." if you want me to stay quiet you will bring 50,000 dollars to the park by the mall come alone if you bring someone everyone will know who caused Jenny to be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life." i cant believe this i don't have this kind of money i respond to the text the person gave me until the 23 to get the money i don't know how i am going to get this money i drive home and start searching for things of value that i could sell.

December 19

Niall called me last night he said he wanted to get together tonight that he had a surprise for me i don't know what he is planing but i cant i have to get the money all i have managed to get is 30,000 i still need the rest. i walk into my room and start searching through my things when i see my dads guitar hidden at the back of the closet, i open up the case and find a couple of songs in it he never shared these with anybody, i remember he told me once that if i was ever in trouble that these pieces of paper would help me out. i grabbed all the songs and put them in my briefcase i put on my business cloths and picked up my dads guitar i remembered helping him when i was young as i read the songs i realized he was using my lyrics. " HI i talked to gorge about an hour ago about some business i wanted to see if they were interested in ." i say to the receptionist she looks at me and asks for my name as soon as i mention i'm Spencer she jumps up. " come with me miss, gorge and the others have been waiting for you they are in the conference room at the end of he hall." she responds and leads me to the room " Hello Spencer we are so glad you called Kevin our boss has given us information about your father he used to write for us we have bought a few songs from him and looks like you have followed in his footsteps." says gorge " hello and i haven't written in a while but i am not here about my own songs i'm here because my father left me a few songs to help me when i was in need of money and i decided to come to you i know how my father talked about you and well here i am." i say " Spencer could you play these for us i want to see how they would sound, we have a few instruments in our recording room we can let you borrow one if you don't have anything with you ." says Carl gorges assistant we walk to the recording room to get a better sound i pull out my dads guitar and start playing i sing and after the third song i hear someone behind me say " that song is amazing and her voice i have never heard someone sing like she does its sweet but there is a raspyness to it that makes it even better. " i couldn't see who was saying that but i knew it was a guy he had a British accent. " i'm sorry you weren't supposed to be here until 3:30 ." says gorge " yea the rest of the guys aren't here yet i just thought i would get here early." responds the guy behind me, i have no idea what is going on but as soon as i heard the guy i looked up and stopped singing  " im sorry love i didnt mean to scare you." he says. after the guy leaves to a waiting room we walk back to the conference room to sign some contracts " Spencer we loved your songs and i think they would be perfect for a band we have but we need to talk to them about this before we make any decisions we will call you tomorrow to schedule a visit they will be here soon and we will discus your offer." although i didnt get a yes it feels like i will be able to sell these songs and get the money i need.

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