Spencer has been keeping secrets for a long time now is it time for them to come out . an unknown caller is blackmailing her will she get rid of this person or will she suffer for the truth. could she find true love or is she a joke to him.


14. a new image

Niall's P.O.V

tonight i am going to ask Spencer to be my girlfriend i don't know how but i have too i feel like if i wait too long i might lose her and i don't want to lose her when i am around her i feel like i am whole but when she is away from me i feel like there is something missing in my life. "Louis where is Zayn he is the only one who needs to finish recording." i say " i don't know where he is mate i'll give him a call." responds Louis he sounded a little weird i don't know what has been going on with the guys he comes home all bruised up and wont say a thing about it, i feel like Louis ,Liam and Zayn are keeping something from Harry and i but i just cant put a finger on it . "Zayn where have you been you are the last one to record come on mate." i say i see Louis holding his phone about to call him as he walked in " Sorry man i had something i needed to do before this and it took longer than anticipated." he responds looking a little jumpy "well i'm going to call Spencer to ask her if she is coming to celebrate the new year with us ." i say as i start to walk out of the recording booth "No" i hear Liam,Louis and Zayn yell at the same time "i mean she called earlier saying she had a surprise that she didn't want to be bothered today ." says Liam he wouldn't lie to me would he so i let it go and went to get some food i was starving i feel like i haven't ate in so long its only been an hour but it feels like days. " wow good one Liam i couldn't think of anything to tell Niall i thought we were going to have to tell the truth." said Zayn in a low voice since harry was still in there but he probably couldn't hear because he was singing inside the booth. "No you know what we promised Niall can not find out what happened last night at Spencer's house ." i hear Louis say what the hell is going on what does Spencer have to do with this i don't care what they said i have to call her * ring**ring**ring* she finally answers " hello" wait that's not her voice "Spencer?" i say " oh hold on a minute she is in the shower i will get the phone to her who is this sorry?" she says " its Niall tell her Niall is calling she puts the phone away from her mouth but i can still hear what she is saying " Spencer baby your boyfriend is on the phone he wants to talk to you?" she yells " what Sammy speak up did you say boyfriend? " she responds "yes love you know that guy you are always talking about that boy you are in love with whats his name Niall ." she says well now i know what her name is Spencer Called her Sammy " what Sam you know he is not my boyfriend doesn't matter how much i like him it will never Happen he probably doesn't feel that way about me but why is he calling i told Liam to make sure he didn't call me today until i made sure i knew what i was going to tell him, damn it i am going to kill those boys. ask him what he needs i cant answer the phone right now ."i hear Spencer speak the shower head is running so its a little hard to hear but i think i managed well "Hey Niall she cant answer the phone right now but what was it that you needed her for maybe i can help you with that ?" says sam " i just wanted to know if she was going to spend New years with us?" i say i hear her yell at Spencer " the boy wants to know if you are going to meet him for new years?" " yea i will probably drop bye around 11:30 tell him that." "she is probably going around 11:30 right before the count down" the girl responds " she is going to miss the whole party the guys are going to miss her and i was looking forward to seeing her as well." i say sort of to myself but i guess she heard me " the guys?" she asks " yea Zayn,Louis LI... "she cut me off " Zayn the dark hair guy with gorgeous eyes?" she squeals through the phone " yes that Zayn " i say with a little chuckle and she responds over exited " Look Niall i will make sure your girlfriend makes it to your party on time." i was going to answer to her but she hung up after saying that. i knew it i knew Spencer had feelings for me now i have to ask her out if her feelings are as strong as mine she will say yes. "Niall where are you we are leaving mate." i hear Louis yell " coming" i yell back

Sammy's P.O.V

oh my god that gorgeous man is going to be at that party i have to go i have to see him i don't know what is going on i have never felt this way about any guy i have liked . "Spencer we need to talk " i yell "i'm right here you don't need to yell Sam whats going on?" she asked " okay first you will let me borrow a dress you know i don't own any second we will go and see Danny and Amanda i'm sure they wont recognize me i have to see them and after that it will be around 8 or 9 we will go to Niall's party he told me that all the guys will be there and that includes Zayn so i want to go i want to see him." i say " Sam but what if someone recognizes you i cant lose you the way i lost everybody else." she says as tears form in her eyes " Spence i lost mom and dad as well and those years i spent away from you were horrible i will never be away from you again you will never lose me we have a stronger bond that anyone could ever wish for i will fight with my life to stay with you. you are all i have left baby and i cant let anything happen to my baby sister." i say i have to rub it in that i was born first. " only by a minute and come on i got all the looks ." she says i cant see her cry it breaks my heart she agreed to get us to look different she had to call some one to come over and do my make up because i guess he is really good " i am going to get in the shower and i will be right out can i borrow some clothes ?" i say " yea grab what you like in my closet" she says and i go to the shower as i an walking out of the shower with out my contacts or make up i hear someone at the door. " i got it" i say and run to the door " what did you do to your hair all the red is gone ." a tall guy says as he walks in that's when i remember i am not wearing my contacts i look just like Spencer but with blond hair " i wha...uhh.. Sis!" i yell " sis ?" says the guy Spencer runs out of her room and stops right in front of me " what happened you aren't wearing your contacts Sammy this cant Happen you just cant forget things that important " whattt... there are two of you ?" asks the guy " Louis i will explain everything but you need to keep this to yourself okay " responds Spencer as i rush to the bathroom to put on my contacts when i come back Louis stands up and hugs me " it is so nice to meet you Samantha i am so happy there is another little Spencer running around and what she has told me about you we are going to be great friends." he says i just smile and hug him back "okay lets get this started i need you to sit still and let me do my magic." says Louis he is so funny and i learned he is the sass master ha ha when he was done with my make up and hair i looked so different no one would think that Spencer and i are sisters. " okay ladies now its time for the dresses." yells Louis "Spencer bring out the bag with your dress." he adds soon i see Spencer handing a bag to Louis he pulls out a silver dress and hands it to me " i thought you said this was Spencer's dress?" i say "well it was but i added a surprise here for her and i guess it all works out, good thing you both are the same size." he says "so what am i going to wear?" asked Spencer " you go in there and put this on and no buts." he orders her when i come out and look in the mirror i cant recognize myself i am in love with this dress then i see Spencer walk out in a gorgeous small red dress and her red hair is curled she looks amazing " my job here is done i better see you both at my house at 9 no later than that got it ." he says Spencer goes to get her purse and keys we are going to see Danny " Louis can i ask you something ?" i say " of couse you can what is it ?" he says " will Zayn be there? " i ask " oh you have a thing for Zayn . yes he will be there " he responds and gives me a hug " and may i add you are so his type if he hasn't fallen in love with you he will when he sees you tonight ." he adds and gives me a wink before walking out.

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