Punk Love (Harry Styles)

Am I a punk?……Yes. I just moved to Holmes Chapel and I'm starting a new school…..GREAT! I have piercings, tattoos, and I drink sometimes, but not all the time. I hate my mother I really do my dad named me not my mom. My name is Angel if she named me it would have been something fancy and horrid. My dad named me Angel cause he likes my style and tattoos. My real name is Angela, but Angel suits me better and my mother calls me that and I hate her. What happens when Angel meets a certain curly haired boy……..read the book and find out.


1. Intro



This is what Angel looks like:




I have long hair that goes down to my ass, it's blonde with black highlights. I have piercings, nose stud, snake bites, belly button, eyebrow, tongue, and my dimple piercings. I have many tattoos that my mother absolutely hates but who cares. My eyes are green and everyone tells me that they are the most beautiful green eyes ever.

I don't live with my father, I live with my mother and her NEW husband A.K.A bastard. We just moved to Holmes Chapel and I am from England but I didn't grow up here but I have my accent a little cause i lived in America. This is my life and what I didn't know was that a certain curly haired boy would soon change that…..

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