Punk Love (Harry Styles)

Am I a punk?……Yes. I just moved to Holmes Chapel and I'm starting a new school…..GREAT! I have piercings, tattoos, and I drink sometimes, but not all the time. I hate my mother I really do my dad named me not my mom. My name is Angel if she named me it would have been something fancy and horrid. My dad named me Angel cause he likes my style and tattoos. My real name is Angela, but Angel suits me better and my mother calls me that and I hate her. What happens when Angel meets a certain curly haired boy……..read the book and find out.


7. In


Angel's (POV)



 We got to there hideout and all sat around the big campfire on the sand (at a private beach out behind the woods) we sat down on the logs. 'Ok so these are the girls, Dani, Perri, Eleanor, and Chloe.' Harry said. The girls kind of looked like us, piercings, tattoos, and dyed hair well streaks. I waved and smiled at them. They did the same back

'Did you bring something?' Harry asked. I nodded and pulled the book out from my bag. He looked at it and looked up at me with a confused face since it said 'ALBUM' on it in big letters. 'It's my step dads. He gave it to me because he wanted me to 'keep it safe'' I said. 'I hate him cause he's a bastard and I hate him.' I told Harry he nodded. 'So you don't mind it getting thrown into the fire?' he asked.

I shook my head. 'K, take it and throw it in the fire.' he said. I took the album from him and walked over to the fire everyone's eyes on me. I got to the fire and looked at the book and smirked. 'Rot in hell.' I said right as I threw it in and watched it burn. 

I walked back over to Harry and took a seat. 'Congratulations, your in.' Harry whispered in my ear. I looked at him and smiled. After that everyone started to leave and then after an hour it was just me and Harry sitting there with my head on his shoulder and his arm draped over my shoulder.

'So do you have any real siblings?' he asked. I looked up at him and nodded. 'A brother named Jake. My mom absolutely hated him because he wanted to become an artist like my dad instead of a lawyer like her. So he kicked him out and said I could never see him again. Me and my brother were really close we never fought we were best friends but not anymore….' I said drifting off at the end.

Harry hugged me after that. 'You'll see him one day.' he said. I looked up at him and smiled. He looked into my deep green eyes and I looked down blushing. In one swift movement he put a finger under my chin and made me look at him as I did he crashed his lips into mine. I felt like the fourth of July's just happened. I smiled into the kiss as he did the same, my neck started hurting from us sitting sideways so I kicked my leg over his so now I was sitting on his lap straddling him. Our lips moved in sync as he pulled me closer by my waist.

He moved his tongue over my bottom lip asking for entrance which I happily granted. His tongue played with my tongue ring as I played with his. We pulled away. He rested his forehead on mine as our breathing was heavy. We both smiled and he pecked my lips after that we got up and he walked me home.

'I'll see you at school.' I said he nodded and hugged me. 'Good night Angel.' 'Good night Harry.' After that I went inside and walked up to my room. I decided that since I am now in a gang and at a new school why not change my look a bit. I walked into the bathroom and got out some hair dye that I have been wanting to use but never got the chance. I put both colors in my hair then after I got to the direction where I had to rinse it out I turned the shower on since I smelt like fire, smoke, and wood and the directions told me to wash my hair. After it got hot enough I stripped down and got in.

I started replaying everything that just happened and smiled. I finished washing my body and hair and hopped out. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my body. I went to my closet and changed into a black and grey over sized thin sweatshirt with grey leg gins and black uggs.

I went back into the bathroom and blow-dried my hair. After that I brushed it and let it stay down. My hair now was purple on top then dark blue then turquoise then a little green at the end all in order it was good if I do say so myself. After that I went to my bed and fell asleep thinking about Harry with a huge smile on my face.


Finally the damn picture uploaded well this is what it looks like if you didn't see it in the mumbles!!! :)

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