Punk Love (Harry Styles)

Am I a punk?……Yes. I just moved to Holmes Chapel and I'm starting a new school…..GREAT! I have piercings, tattoos, and I drink sometimes, but not all the time. I hate my mother I really do my dad named me not my mom. My name is Angel if she named me it would have been something fancy and horrid. My dad named me Angel cause he likes my style and tattoos. My real name is Angela, but Angel suits me better and my mother calls me that and I hate her. What happens when Angel meets a certain curly haired boy……..read the book and find out.


3. Harry


1 month later:


I woke up and changed into this:


These are her eyes:


It has been 1 month into school and Harry still hasn't talked to me yet and I really like him now. It's now Sunday and I woke up at 4:00 p.m. WOW. I grabbed my skateboard and took off down the streets and I looked down an alley cause I heard yelling, big mistake. I saw a women, man and little baby girl get stabbed and the guy slit their throats. I wasn't able to run I was to scared, thats a first. The guy noticed me and started running towards me I was crying right now I was so scared I didn't want to die and I never wanted to see that again. I picked up my skateboard and ran. 

It was already dark cause I was walking around for a while and I didn't see where I was going and ran into to something or more like someone, I looked up and it was………….Harry!



Harry's (POV)



I was with my gang at our hideout. I was talking to the guys when someone ran into me I looked down and saw Angel she was crying and shaking. 'Harry you've got to help me there are guys chasing me and i'm so scared please please help me!' she screamed as she looked at the people chasing her. I put her behind my back and the guys stopped in front of me. 'Give me the damn girl Harry!' Tom yelled. 'Why what did she do!' I yelled right back. 'She saw me killing a family, so I need to kill her now!' he yelled. 

'Well heres a tip, don't go around fucking killing people!' I yelled. 'Fine, but just know that he can't protect you forever!' he yelled at Angel. 'Now leave before I beat the living shit out of you!' I yelled getting more angry that they wanted to kill her. They finally left and I turned to Angel. 'What happened? Are you ok? What did you see?' I asked. She just fell on the shaking uncontrollably. I sat down and hugged her. 'I was walking and I looked into this alley way right as a women, man, and a little girl getting killed in front of me and I've never been more scared in my life and to make it worse those guys want to kill me.' she said after she stopped crying.

'Hey don't worry they won't do anything to you, give me your phone.' I said. She handed it to me and I punched in my number after sending a text to my phone so I could get hers. I gave her phone back and she smiled which showed off her dimple piercings more. 'Just call me anytime your in trouble ok?' She nodded and stood up. 'Do you want me to ride home with you?' I asked picking my skateboard up. 'You ride?' She asked. 'Yep.' She put her skateboard down and stood on it I did the same and we kicked off. She's so beautiful, the way her blonde and black hair flows behind her and her emerald eyes sparkle more than mine do.

Finally a girl that gets me. I know Tom and his gang their trouble and so are we but we don't kill helpless family's. Tom usually gets what he wants but not this time. We stopped at her house and their was only one car out their and it was hers. 'Your parents aren't home?' I asked. 'I live with my mother and no she's at work and so is my step-bastard.' she said, I laughed. 'I guess i'll see you tomorrow?' she nodded and I kissed her cheek. She went inside and I went back to my gang.

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