Punk Love (Harry Styles)

Am I a punk?……Yes. I just moved to Holmes Chapel and I'm starting a new school…..GREAT! I have piercings, tattoos, and I drink sometimes, but not all the time. I hate my mother I really do my dad named me not my mom. My name is Angel if she named me it would have been something fancy and horrid. My dad named me Angel cause he likes my style and tattoos. My real name is Angela, but Angel suits me better and my mother calls me that and I hate her. What happens when Angel meets a certain curly haired boy……..read the book and find out.


2. First day



Angel's (POV)


My alarm went off and I hit it, maybe a little to hard cause I heard it shatter, oh well. 'Angela come down and eat breakfast. 'Shut the fuck up Linda!' I yelled she hates it when I call her by her first name. She doesn't deserve the right to be called mother, and damn well she knows that no one calls me Angela!

I went to my closet to change I changed into this:



The top shows off my belly button ring and some of my tattoos. Which annoys the shit out of Linda but I don't give a shit. I decided to just let my hair fall down naturally. I put on mascara, eyeliner on really heavy cause it makes my eyes stand out. I don't wear heels at all cause I'm really tall for my age witch is 18. I'm 6'0 which is tall for me. I walked down stairs and there was my mother sitting with that bastard and his daughter. 'Put on a different shirt I don't want anyone looking at your tattoos or belly button ring!' my mother yelled. 'I can wear whatever the fuck I want you nor that bastard can tell me what to wear Linda!' I yelled mocking her.

With that I smirked and walked out the door to my red Lamborghini:




I drove to the school and as soon as I got there all eyes were on my car cause when I drove it, it made this sound that sounded like it was growling and it sounded really cool. I walked to a spot where some girls were waving at me to come over. 'Hi i'm Kat this is Chelsea and Eleanor.' she said. 'Hey i'm Angel.' I said smiling. We walked in and talked a lot. 'So who should I stay away from at this hell.' I asked. 'I would stay away from Harry and his friends over there.' she said pointing at a group of like 10 guys. Harry looked like he wasn't a bad guy, mainly cause I shouldn't judge someone who has piercings and tattoos cause I have them to.

The girls walked into class and I was staring outside of the classroom debating on whether i should ditch or not. I decided to go in, once I walked in all eyes were on me. 'Mrs. Evans your late!' the teacher said. 'I was kind of hoping.' I said. 'Well since your here would you like to tell the class a bit about yourself?' he said. 'To hell with that.' I said. He sighed and looked around. 

​'Well why don't you go take a seat next to Harry, since you two have….' he was thinking on what to say while looking at him then me. 'A lot of things in common.' I went and sat down by Harry in the empty seat. While I was sitting there I could geek Harry staring at me. 'Mrs. Evans would you please answer this question.' the teacher said. 'Fuck no.' I said. Then the bell rang and I went on the rest of the day with Harry in every class me always having to by him and him staring at me.

The day was over and on my way out I saw Harry and his friends. Harry was looking at me and when I looked at him he looked away. After that I got in my car and drove back to that hell of a house i live in.

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