18 year old Paige moves to California with her 20 year old brother, they meet a pack of werewolves and do not realize what they are until Paige gains a non human mate, will the rogue take over and defeat here love?


1. mated

I look around and see the house filled with boxes. We are moving all the way to California, the gang spot. I look over and see Alex, my older brother, texting his girlfriend goodbye. I always hated that bitch with passion, she only wanted my brother for the one thing she wanted, sex. I walked over to my brother and grabbed his phone from him. I typed in the message:

                             listen up, stupid bitch, we are leaving and I don't want you to have anything more to do with my brother, you horny ass dog. bye and have a nice life with aids.

A couple of seconds later she replied with: fine bitch, i was screwing someone else anyways.

I gave the phone back to Alex who was freaking out about what I was typing. he read the response and threw his phone against the back wall, smashing it to pieces.  I froze, I have never made him that mad before.  He looked up at me and I unfreeze and smiled back, shrugging.

"i didn't like her anymore anyways." Alex said. He got up and walked over to his phone. " and dad aren't going to buy me another phone." i laughed. Mom and Dad have bought him three phones this year, its only May.

"they might since were all moving to California, you will need a new phone."

"Mom and Dad aren't going with us. They told me last night. All the stuff in boxes are our stuff, they are staying here."  I punched the nearest wall and stormed out of the room to the backyard where my mom and dad were lounging in the hot tub drinking a margarita.

"what the fuck?! Your not coming with us, what good fucking parent yall are. how the hell are we gonna live, we have no fucking money!" i slammed my hands down on the hot tub ledge. a shooting pain rised up throughout my arm, I ignored it.

"We were going to tell you, were giving you our emergency black card."  my mom slurred.

"You probably don't even know where the fuck it is! your drunk, get the hell out of my life im done with you." I walked out of the back yard ad back into the house.  I walked up to Alex and sat down on the floor. I put my hands through my hair and tightened my hands. I've never been able to control my anger. Alex walked over to me and picked me up. he brought me outside and into the car. He sat in the drivers seat and just sat there.

"let me see your hand." Alex said.

"ok." I gave  Alex my arm and he looked at it and started the car. We drove out of the driveway and down the road to the doctors office. They saw my arm and rushed me back to the X-ray room to see if it was a minor or major break. The doctor went back to put the X-rays in the computer.

"That was a stupid thing to do." i said laughing.

You dont say." Alex said.

The doctor walked in and asked what color cast, he held pink, blue, and red.

"Do you have any black?" I asked.

He nodded and left the room., seconds later he returned with the black material.he wrapped my arm wit thewhite material then the black. After he finished hefinally began to talk.

"how in the world did you manage to break your wrist so bad?"

"i punched a wall."

"that was not very smart, anyways,keep it on for 6weeks. return back to me after the 6 weeks are up."

"ok. whatever." we paid him and we left. makig surehe knew we werent returning.

we drove out of the parking lot, down the street, and to our driveway. i was not getting out.

"will you go in and get theblack card?" i asked. i called the two men and a truck to pick up all of our boxes. "i do not want to see themmaking out fully shitfaced,or doing worse things to each other,i will go ballistic." i said tpping my fingers on the arm of the chair. Alex walked inside and grabbed the black card. two men and a truck arrivedto pick up the boxes. the boxes were being loaded when one of the men from two men and a truck stopped and rested his arms on the window.

"you should make sue your parents werent having sex before calling us to pick up your stuff." he said disgusted.

"You should chill he fuck out and let them do whatever they want, i honestly dont care what theydo because i dont want anything to do with them and vice versa, are you going to help or not?" i asked and screamed.

"where are yall headed?" he asked.

"california ." i said showing the black card.

"were helping." he walked to his truck and started the engine,he puled out enough for us to get in front and take off on our way.  after two hours of driving, we stopped at a rest stop and hada bathroom break and a snack gathering. iwalked back to the car before anyone else.i got inthe passenger seat and leaned it all the way back, making myself comfortable. Alex camebacka couple minutes later and we went off again for our last hpur of driving.  i fell asleep and dreamt of nothing tati can remember. Alex shooken me awake and i sat up fast making me lightheaded and tired. i tipped the seat up to a normal position and looked out in awe at the view of california.

"thats where were living?!" i asked.

"yep." alex said.

"what house?" i asked.

" lets go find that out, i typed in the address and everything."

i leaned back against the chair and waited for the car to come to a complete stop. we pulled into a house, or should i say mansion. it was three stories high and had about 6 windows in width spaced out pretty well. te driveway was really big and the garae could fit 4 cars. the exterior was a type of brick that had a glint of color in the sunlight.  i walked up to the front door and looked up to see a sparkly chandelier on our front porch. i opedned the door and stepped into a hardwood foyer. i walked to my left and spotted a huge kitchemn, opening a door in the kitchen, i found a large living room and a stair well with curved stairs. i walked up them to find another living room and a hallway filled with rooms. i called the master bedroom, which was plenty of space seeing that the regular room was bigger than my parents master bedroom. i walked up to the third floor and saw that there was a attic and two more bedrooms. the bathrooms were on the first floor and i waent back down to the living room. the whole house had come with  some type of furniture. the movers were in and out like lightening and We went straight to bed. i couldnt sleep so i layed in my bed with wide eyes. the door bell rang and i ran downstairs to get it. i opened te door and there was a girl with a pxie face and long blonde hair. there was a boy beside her. he had short black hair with dark blue eyes with grey specklesint he spots that looked terrifying. th girl was holding a thing of cupcakes and i invited her in. she plaved the plate down and smied up at me.

"im Lauren, im your next door neighbor and this is dylan,myboyfirend." she said smiling."we welcome you to our neighborhood and we look forward to seeing you around. me and m friends are going to the beach tomorrow if you want to come tetme." she handedme her number while saying it. "we better get going we dont want to keep you from your sleep. ill see you tomorrow.bye."

"bye. thanks for the cupcakes." i walked them to the door and shut it as quikly as they left.

That was the weirdest thing ive ever experienced.






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