18 year old Paige moves to California with her 20 year old brother, they meet a pack of werewolves and do not realize what they are until Paige gains a non human mate, will the rogue take over and defeat here love?


2. beach time

I woke up and felt weird about the day, I felt giddy, like something good was going to happen. I walked out of my room and went into the bathroom grabbing a towel and my clothes. I stripped of my clothes and stepped into the shower. I let the warm water soak into my pores cleaning my body. I put my Vidal Sassoon shampoo in my hair making sure my hair was clean. I rinsed my hair and watched the soap suds fall at the drain. I put in the conditioner then rinsed it out with cold water, sealing in the vitamins and nutrients. I stepped out of the shower and dried off. I put my black fringe bikini on over an obey cropped T-shirt tank and my white and black ombre shorts. I put on my makeup, a light Smokey eye and a cat eye, light waterproof mascara, and red lips. I brushed my hair and straightened it after drying. I walked out of the bathroom and put my rainbows on. I walked up to Alex's room and saw that he was still sleeping. I looked at the clock and saw 11:20. I walked up to his sleeping silhouette and nudged his shoulder with my good arm.

"what the hell?" he mumbled.

"its 11:20 we have a beach to go to. go and get ready." I walked out of his room when he sat up and removed the blanket from his waist. I walked out and texted Lauren after programing her name and number in my phone.

"what time are we supposed to be there?" I asked her.

"when you and our brother are done we will come and pick you up we have our whole group there and we want them to meet you." I looked up at the stairs and saw Alex walking down in his red and white trunks with a black wife beater. I walked out the door after grabbing my wallet and texted Lauren that we were ready. she texted in the driveway and I ran to her car. on the ride there I kept looking down at my ugly, tacky cast. if I lay out or get in the sun too much I will have a horrendous tan line. we stopped at a red light and were mad because we could taste the salty air. the red light turned green and we sped into a parking spot. I saw hot guys and pretty girls walking up to the car. one guy stood out to me the most. he had light green eyes with grey and gold specks, he had dark brown hair. he was very tall, about 6'3. he had very toned muscles and a good tan to show it off.  I got out of the car and watch as everyone moved closer and he stayed where he was. he was staring down at me with a glint of some emotion, I have no clue what feeling though.  a blonde girl in  romper walked up to me first. she had light blue eyes and a pixie like face.

"hey, im Aubree." she said. "I can tell that we will be close friends." she smiled and walked off with a tall man with dark blonde hair. they went to a towel and we all started following them. Lauren started talking to a girl with ombre red hair. I went to my own little spot and rolled out my towel. a girl with black hair with blonde tips walked upto my towel and kicked sand on it. I stood up slowly, trying to make myself intimidating.

"Knock it the fuck off." I said in a low tone.

"not a fucking chance." she said kicking more sand on my towel. to took my umbrella Lauren let me use and hit her in the stomach with it. she fell back a few steps and her eyes glowed a gold color. the tall guy walked up to her and told her to get back to the group.

"hey. im Collin, sorry about her."

"Paige, sorry about my outburst." I said laughing. "I have a small anger issue problem."

"No, she deserves it." he said laughing.

"its really weird here, I don't want a weird tan line." I said looking at his eyes.

"what happened?" he asked.

"I punched a wall because my parents sent me here alone." I said nonchalantly.

"oh, I can help you with that, lets go to my car, do you want to tell your brother?" he asked.

"nah, he's with all those girls, he'll find out about it." I said laughing.

"oh, ok then, do you want to go to your place or my place?" he asked.

"My place." I said.

"alright, its right next door to Laurens right?" he asked. I nodded. when we got there I unlocked the door and threw my stuff on the couch.






Collins P.O.V.



I watched her walk in,  the sight of her in that cast had me pissed off. I don't even know her all that well and im freaking out. my wolf has been repeating the word  mate over and over, but I don't want to give my werewolf secret away yet. she was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. she had light green eyes with gold and brown specks in them, light brown hair, she was tall for a girl, but short enough for me, she dressed well, and she had a great ass and body.  she threw her stuff on the couch and I laughed when her foot went out and she fell back onto the couch, she had the cutest laugh.

"how old are you?" she asked.

well shes getting to the point, I wonder if she feels the same way, "20." I said.

"oh yay, close enough to me, how old do I look?" she asked.

"hmm, let me think,18?" I said.

"you got it right." she said smiling.

" I knew I would." I said. I put my hand on her leg and watched as she froze up, getting chill bumps under my hand. I could tell she liked it because her breath hitched. "is this alright?" I asked. she nodded. I knew It would be. I smiled at her, I wonder what she was thinking.





Paige's P.O.V.



I tried to hide the fact that I was about to die from the sparks going throughout my body, but I don't think I did. I don't even know this guy but the only thing that I keep thinking about is the word mate, I've only heard the term mate with wolves and im pretty sure that he is not a wolf.

"I have a thing, well a word that I keep repeating in my head, will you explain it to me?" I asked.

"yes, what is it?" he asked.


"mate." he said at the same time. "I have something to say to you, I don't know how your going to react, and I know this is really early on, because I just met you an hour or two ago."

"what is it? is it bad?" I asked.

"im a were--" he started.

"wolf?" I asked.

"yes." he looked down at the ground. I backed away slightly and asked a rather stupid question.

"was everyone at the beach werewolves?" I asked. "are you going to hurt or kill me?" I stood up and backed away and sat in the chair across the way.

"yea everyone except you and your brother. I will never kill you, you have showed a sign to being my mate, if that is true I wont be able to ever hurt you."

"oh, ok." I walked up to him and sat next to him. "I wonder what my brothers going to say hen he fids out i have a mate after leaving him at the beach."

"i don't know but he might be happy." he said.

"we are going to have to explain it, im kind of confused about this, im human." i said.

"we can have you tested to see if your blood line is, it doesn't always mean that you are part were, other people have mates that are human." he explained.

"oh, ok. he might be pissed though, we will just have to find it out." i said.













this chapter is kinda short, i apologize, do you think shes actually mated to him, do you think her brother is going to be mad, and is she a were?



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