Another time another story

Another Time Another Story
Dear Ginny and Harry Potter,
I am sorry to leave little Talia on your doorstep but I sadly cannot care for her myself.  she is 11 months old, her birthday is August 2nd, 2007. I know you will give her a wonderful home. Sincerely D the Trader.
Harry potter fan fiction

Thank you W E A S L E Y for the awesome new cover!


2. The Dream

"I'll hold them off; you take Talia and hide!" yelled a lady Talia had never seen before.

A man in a cloak yelled "Avada Kedavera," and the lady lay dead on the ground.

"NOOOOOO"  Talia woke up yelling and sweaty, in her bed in 13 Grimwald place.

 Their father Harry came running in.  "Talia, Lilly are you ok?" he asked.

"W..what?" asked Lily, who had just woken up. Lily, Talia's twin sister, could sleep through anything! Once she slept through a huge explosion that there uncle, George, and there oldest brother, James, set off by accident. 

 "We're fine dad, I just had another dream" Talia explained.

Talia has been having these dreams for months now and she always wakes up sweaty and screaming.

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