Another time another story

Another Time Another Story
Dear Ginny and Harry Potter,
I am sorry to leave little Talia on your doorstep but I sadly cannot care for her myself.  she is 11 months old, her birthday is August 2nd, 2007. I know you will give her a wonderful home. Sincerely D the Trader.
Harry potter fan fiction

Thank you W E A S L E Y for the awesome new cover!


5. Olivander's

"Hello there, how are you today Mrs. Potter?" Olivander asked. "I see you brought the whole crew along with you." He said and then turned and walked down an aisle.

"Hmm...," he murmured as he walked up and down the aisles of boxes, pulling one out every once in a while then shaking his head and putting it back. When he finally returned he was carrying a teetering pile of boxes and (not very successfully) set them down on the counter in front of Talia, Lily and Hugo. "Now lets see what we have here, umm... 10 inch willow with a Phoenix feather core for both Miss Talia and Miss Lily," Olivander said as he lay two boxes in front of the twins. "And an oak 11 inch with an owl feather core (sorry, I'll come back and fix this later, I forgot to look up what wand he should have and now I don't have wifi. Please yell at me if I forget to come back and fix this!) for you Mr. Hugo," he said, taking the wand out of the box and laying it in front of Hugo. "Okay, now one at a time give it a whirl. Hugo first."

Hugo picked up the wand and swished it in the air, right away it lit up sending gold sparks into the air. Next was Talia who took her wand out of the box and swished it in the air, she almost took out Ginny's eye in the process but it lit up all the same. "Now Miss. Talia?" Olivander said, turning towards Talia. She picked up her wand out of the box and swished it in the air and immediately the lamp beside her exploded!

"Hmm, I've never met a pair of twins that didn't have brothering wands!" Olivander said, a bit shocked. He then turned and walked down the aisles again pulling out the odd box, but then frowning and putting it back until he finally found what he thought would be the right wand and started to head back with it but on his way he passed another box and paused with a funny expression on his face, and then decided to bring it back with him as well.

"Here we are Miss Talia, one 10 inch willow with an owl feather core and one 11 inch Birch with a unicorn hair core... well, what are you waiting for give her a whirl!" He exclaimed. Talia cautiously picked up the willow wand closest to her and swished it in the air, just to have the lamp -that ginny had just fixed- explode again. Talia quickly placed the wand back on the table and picked up the other one. she swished it in the air and flinched but this time the lamp didn't explode and the wand sent sparks into the air. "Hmm peculiar..." Olivander murmured. "Well you are just like Harry in ways you probably don't understand." Olivander said, smiling at Talia.

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