Another time another story

Another Time Another Story
Dear Ginny and Harry Potter,
I am sorry to leave little Talia on your doorstep but I sadly cannot care for her myself.  she is 11 months old, her birthday is August 2nd, 2007. I know you will give her a wonderful home. Sincerely D the Trader.
Harry potter fan fiction

Thank you W E A S L E Y for the awesome new cover!


4. Diagon Ally

"James hurry up!" Lily yelled up the stairs.

"I'm coming just a minute I'm trying to find my gift card for Weasleys Wizading Weezes George gave me for my birthday." James yelled down the stairs. "got it I'm coming!" James yelled as he ran down the stairs.

"Where's Dad? I thought He was going to come with us." Talia asked.

"He sent an owl saying He is sorry but the ministry asked him and Ron to stay late, something about Lucius Malfoy. McGonagal needed Neville to help with something at Hogwarts.  Any way he said they'd meet us at the Leaky Cauldron for supper with Hanna and Neville." Ginny said

"We'd better hurry up, we have to meet Hermione, Luna, Audrey and Fluer at Olivanders, oh and Teddy is meeting us there I think he was hoping to ask Harry some advice on becoming an auror." Ginny said, as she passed the pot of flu powder around and everyone took a pinch.

"Ok, James first then Albus then Lily or Talia." Ginny said as James shouted Diagon Ally and disappeared in a flash of green flames.


"Hey, Mom can  I go to Georges joke shop now?" James begged.

"I already told you, No!" Ginny replied.

"We'll go later."

"Oh look, Teddy, it's the new nimbus 2010!" James yelled as he ran over to it.

"Wow, really?  I thought that wasn't going to come out till January 1st!" Teddy exclaimed, as he looked at it through the glass window.

"Hey, when you guys are done staring at brooms were going to go get the twin's and Hugo's wands." Victoire yelled over to them.

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