Half a Heart

Would you rather get the guy or keep your best friend? Gabriella is torn making this decision. Keep on reading to see what happens. Her best friend's name is Serena. Gabriella's nickname is G. Serena's nickname is S. Harry's nickname is H

"If love is this strong, it's worth fighting for."


2. Jealous Much?

"G, did you hear the way he said his name?"

"Yes!! I almost fell off my chair."

both laugh

a guy bumps into G and all her books fall

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry!"

"It's okay! Wait your h-harry?"

"Yeah, I'm in your global class. What's your name lovely?"

"Gabriella, but call me G for short."

"Well that's a very pretty name."

G blushes

"G are you blushing?! Pull yourself together! She's so embarrassing" S laughs after saying this.

"She's not embarrassing herself, it's actually cute when she blushes." Harry says while smiling.

"Hey G, can I have your number, just in case I need homework or something?"

"Of course!"

"Keep your phone on you, I'll be texting you soon," Harry says while walking away.

Omg his laugh is so cute. His dimples, green eyes, and curly hair makes me weak. How am I supposed to act calm when I'm with him? It's literally impossible.

I turn to S and can't believe she embarrassed me like that in front of Harry. What kind of friend is she? 

"S, why the hell would you embarrass me like that?"

"Because you're not the only one that likes him. Did you forget that I'm obsessed with him?"

"Oh well, guess we'll see who gets Harry! But it looks like I'm in the lead S, better get your act together or its not gonna end well for you sweetie.."

"You're just jealous because I actually know how to talk to a guy."

"Jealous of you? PUH-LEASE. You should go home and go on tumblr, I'll go home and text Harry. Ciao S."

That's how you play. It's either hot guy or snobby best friend. Keep reading to find out what happens next...






I posted chapter 2 early because chapter 1 didn't really give you a good idea of what the story was about! But chapter 2 does :) please like and favorite! thanks girlys

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