Half a Heart

Would you rather get the guy or keep your best friend? Gabriella is torn making this decision. Keep on reading to see what happens. Her best friend's name is Serena. Gabriella's nickname is G. Serena's nickname is S. Harry's nickname is H

"If love is this strong, it's worth fighting for."


1. "Hi I'm Harry"

in school

"Oh my god Serena, is this class almost over?"

"Ughh, not yet 25 more minutes..."

teacher starts talking

"Okay class, we have a new classmate all the way from the UK!"

"Ooh S, he's from the UK he has to be soooo hot."

"I know right he ha-"

"Is there something that you girls would like to share with the rest of the class?"

"No, we're good teacher."

"Okay, good."

new student walks in

G and S look at each other


teacher gives them death stare

"Well new student, why don't you introduce yourself!?"

"Hi I'm Harry."





Hi guys, gabby here! Sorry that this chapter is so short, I just started. I already wrote the second chapter. I won't post it though if nobody likes or comments. But please like,follow, subscribe, and share this!! Sorry if it is bad it is my first try. The second chapter is so much better though! Thanks for reading :)


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