Love at first sight?

This is a fan fiction for Louis. You never see a lot of these but here's another one to add to the "Louis Tomlinson FAN FICTION!"


4. The Next Day....

Louis wakes up and sneaks out of bed as quietly as he can so he DOSNT wake his angel.

Lydia:Babe where you going...

She says half sleeping

Louis:Baby want some food?

Lydia:No I want you....

Lydia motions him to come by her. She pulls him on too of her and he starts kissing her neck.

Lydia:No further then this mister!

Louis:I know I know.

After there intense moment Lydia's phone starts going off


Lisa(Lydia's mom):Are you at Louis?


Lisa:Ok just making sure.... Jason stopped by wondering he seemed upset.

Lydia:Dis you tell him I was here?

Lisa:No sweetie I wouldn't do that.

Lydia:Ok mom. I got to go were about to eat.

Before Lisa could finish Lydia gets out if bed and goes to the bathroom.

Louis:Baby you ok?

Lydia:Yeah. Hey can you get me some cloths? I'm gonna get a shower.


Louis goes into Lydia's drawer and gets her her cloths. Louis walks into the bathroom with out thinking

Lydia:OH SHIT!

Louis:Baby your beautiful. And were dating.

Lydia:I'm not dressed.

Lydia wraps a towel around her.

Louis:I don't care.

Louis pulls her in and kisses her. After he leaves Lydia finishes her shower.

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