Teen mom


7. chapter 7

The next day Harry's cousins niall and Louis came to see Ashley . And my cousins Demi and Selena came. Hey baby niall said as Demi walked in . Haha in your dreams, I laughed and brought her upstairs to see Ashley. Selena was already there hey baby girl Demi said Ashley started crying . Oh sorry Demi said . It's not your fault you should know Selena has Jackson. Jackson was 9 months old . Selena was 22

Though so it was easier for her to raise Jackson. So ...Demi said trying to make conversation .

I'm gonna go downstairs Selena said okay I nodded . She's beautiful Demi said thank you even though she was a little mistake she's my little miracle aww Demi said. I'm gonna go get her a bottle.

I walked downstairs to see Selena and Louis fucking. Selena?!? I said she moaned and turned around . She stopped oh ! Em! Sorry about that do you have protection ? I said Selena looked down oh god she said . Louis didn't care we're already started might as well finsh ugh I went to get her bottle and went upstairs but I could still hear Selena scream and moan "god Louis " it was so loud I could hear the skin together

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