Teen mom


4. chapter 4

Emily's p.o.v: what were my parents gonna think? they left with Harry's parents. They went on a 2 week road trip . (Harry's parents met up with them) when we got home , I ran to the bathroom to take the test . A million thoughts ran through my mind. I heard a beep, I looked at the test it said pregnet. I freaked out so did Harry but after we calmed down , I told Harry I was gonna keep it, and that I hope he could help out . Of course princess but well have to quit school . I shrugged I know I thought about all this I guess I'm just gonna except it. Harry agreed and the doorbell rang . I saw cops . Why are the Police here ? I asked idk Harry said he opened the door Hello one of the cops said are you guys Harry styles and Emily willson? Yes I nodded . I'm sorry but your parents have passed away in a car accident I cryed so hard ! After the news this is so bad I'm pregnant at only 16 and our parents just died I wanna die I screamed I ran upstairs . Harry ran after me and threw the bathroom door open. To see me about to cut my wrists . What the hell? Emily stop!! I dropped the razor and buried my face in Harry's chest I heard him say "this is not the way to die " God gave you this baby with me we can't quit on it no matter what! Okay ? I nodded after a couple weeks we had a service for our parents deaths

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