Teen mom


3. chapter 3

The next morning my stomach hurt. I ran to the bathroom and threw up. Oh my god ! It hurt bad I skipped school because I was sick . I threw up and felt horrible all day. I called Harry after school and asked him to come over since it was Friday if he could spend the night. I told him about my stomach ache. He said yes . He came over and said goodbye to his parents there leaving tomorrow so why not? Harry told me . That night I felt sick and horrible . Harry's eyes got all big . Harry ? I said Harry ? You okay ? No no no I heard him say what's wrong ? I said . Last night he said . Yea? I said I didn't use protection . Omg I freaked out OMG Harry . We need to go now . Where? He said . To get a pregnancy test. Harry's p.o.v: everything was blank I was afraid I was not ready for a baby. All I could think was what did I do ? What the fuck did I do?!?!

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