Not just A nerd (NJAN)

Justin Drew Bieber is a 17 year old junior in high school. His brother Derek Bieber bullies him at home and school. justin is picked on at school because of the big glasses and braces he wears. he also gets bullied because he stutters. Justin has no friends. unlike Derek he has tons of friends at school hes considered popular. Read to find out more ;)


13. your beautiful without make up baby girl

Justins pov****  So i woke up with katie in my arms all snuggled up .god she was so cute when she slept. so i kissed her cheek and she woke up quickly she tried to get up but my protective arms werent going to let her then she walked up and got all mad. shes so moody so i followed her up the stairs justin: baby whats wrong  katie: iam so ugly justin: no your not your gorgeous she looked like she didn't believe so she went to grab her makeup bag but i stopped her justin: your beutiful without any make up baby girl katie: you say that all the time justin: becuse you are katie: fine  justin: sowhat do you want to do today baby katie: do you want to go out tonight justin: sure baby girl i dragged her to sit on my lap and we cuddled while putting her hands through my hair i just moaned katie: that was so sexy justin: anything for you my my love

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