Twist of Fate

Lyrica's dream is to one day have her own tour with millions of fans screaming her name, but when her first audition for Simon Cowell doesn't go as perfectly as she hopes she finds herself put in the opportunity of a lifetime. Louis Tomlinson, a young lad signed to Simons record label offers to be her vocal coach. Lyrica is more than willing knowing it's her last chance to make it in the music biz. Simon agrees that if Louis can enhance her voice in a mere three months he'll sign her to his label so Lyrica refuses to let anything get in her way, especially a flirting boybander.


2. Shall we celebrate?

"Well, it's settled than. Louis remember this is a serious matter. Lyrica's future is on the line I need you to take this seriously as if it was your own career; you hear me?" Simon asked looking at Louis pointedly. Louis stiffened and nodded his head quickly. "Good. Now I have to get to that board meeting with the CEOs at Modest! discussing your want to drop them." Simon pressed the button to his intercom, "Mildred tell the CEOs of Modest! that I'll be right with them and for gods sake get me my damn coffee." With that Simon stood from his desk exiting the room leaving Lyrica alone with five international heart throbs. 

"So, Lyrica interesting name," Harry remarked sitting his bum on the edge of Simons desk. 

"Thanks," Lyrica blushed, "my father gave it to me. He always said the lyrics are the most important part of a song. They let the listening into the writers heart, and if written carefully can open up the listeners mind to the thoughts of the writer." 

"Wow, that's deep," Zayn smiled, "he must of been a very thoughtful man."

"Oh he was, but when I really started to think about it, I don't think he's fully right," she remarked placing her guitar back into its battered case. 

"Why's that?" Niall asked in his weak Irish accent. It almost sounded British to Lyrica's ears.

"The melody. Lyrics with the wrong melody could completely lose their meaning. Imagine, for instance, On My Own from Les Miserables set to the melody of I'm Sexy and I Know it. The lyrics would still be sweet and heartfelt but the meaning would be lost in the awkward melody," she explained thoughtfully. The boys nodded no words leaving their mouth. The room was silent with six minds in way too deep of thought. Although, finally words filled the air once again as the moment passed. 

"So, how old are you?" The young Irish lad asked looking to Lyrica. 

"I just turned nineteen a few days ago," she smiled glad the boys were finally speaking again. She was worried she had broke them. 

"Oh, sweet. Did you have a killer party?" Harry asked hoping for juicy insight.

"Um, no I didn't have one," she blushed.

"WHAT," they all exploded practically in unison, Niall's voice being half a second late. Lyrica giggled softly,

"my mum doesn't believe in the celebration of birthdays. She says it's selfish to spend a whole day praising the fact that you were born. She said I'm no more special then the next guy." 

"That's a terrible thing to say," Liam breathed looking at Lyrica with pity. 

"Yeah, I don't know I've gotten used to it I guess," she said faking a smile for the boys amusement but they were having none of it. 

"Well, how about we go out and celebrate lads," Louis smirked walking over and putting his arm around Lyrica's shoulder. 

"No, really it's fine I'd rather not celebrate my birthday..." Lyrica sighed pulling Louis' arm off of her. Louis frowned feeling slightly rejected but did his best not to show it. Harry, although, knowing his best mate caught on to it giving him a smile of sympathy.

"Then, let's celebrate the fact that Lyrica has just earned herself an amazing vocal coach to teach her how to harness that pretty little voice of hers," Harry smiled looking to Lyrica with begging eyes. 

"Um... Yeah sure I guess that's okay...," she said slightly skeptical.

"Does this mean we're going to the pub?" Niall beamed.

"Yes, Niall but I'm watching your liquor intake. You hear me? Three pints at the most," Liam said looking at Niall pointedly. Niall grumbled but nodded his head. 

"Well, what are we waiting for let's go get waisted!" Zayn remarked and the lads started pilling out of the room. Lyrica grabbed Louis' arm pulling him back. She watched as the rest of the boys left leaving them alone. 

"Before we go I really want to thank you, Louis. You're literally a lifesaver," she smiled.

"No problem, but don't thank me yet, love. You still have to put up with me for the next three months," Louis grinned pulling a face. 

"And it'll be an honor," Lyrica giggled kissing his cheek. "Now let's go," she laughed running after the boys who were just starting to notice their absence. Louis stood there for a moment holding his cheek in shock before running after her screaming,

"Wait up!" 


The six young musicians arrived at the pub about ten minutes later. It was more of a club than a pub given the dance floor and raging music pounding in their ears. But Niall didn't care as long as he was served his pints. They sat down in a circle booth, Lyrica sitting inbetween Louis and Niall. Harry was seated beside Louis while Liam sat next to Niall. 

"I'll go get us some drinks," Zayn yelled over the pounding base everyone else nodding their thanks. 

"Want to dance?" Niall grinned turning to Lyrica. She glanced around the table checking all the lads faces before replying, 

"Uh, yeah sure." Niall took her hand and led her out to the dance floor. She wasn't sure how to dance realizing that almost everybody around them was grinding. Niall, being the true gentleman he is noticed her discomfort, he held out his hand for her to take. She shyly placed it in his and he brought it up placing his other hand on the small of her back. She gently brought up her other hand placing it on his shoulder. 

Niall smiled and started dipping their conjoined hands at a quick pace while stepping back and forth between his left and right foot. Lyrica laughed trying to keep up with the crazed young man.If he had been trying to look like an idiot he had succedded, but neither of them could care less. They were having a blast. 

Back at the table the lads were enjoying a drink while watching the pair on the dance floor. One set of eyes was looking a bit too much and the other lads quickly caught on. 

"Lou, you okay?" Harry asked forcing Louis to look away.

"Uh, yeah why wouldn't I be?" Louis asked stealing a glance back at Lyrica and Niall.

"You're stairing quite a bit mate," Liam put in.

"Yeah, it's kind of weird..." Zayn remarked from Liam's other side.


'm just watching them dance, " he defended



"No, we're just watching them dance. You're creeping," Harry laughed.



"Whatever," Louis sighed.


"Louis Tomlinson are you jealous? " Liam smirked.

"No, I don't even know her," Louis groaned. 

"You're full of bull Tomlinson you know that," Harry grinned.

"Whatever," Louis growled finishing off his beer. 

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