Dreams Come True

Julia Hammonds is a huge belieber and has always dreamed of meeting Justin Bieber. She finally gets the opportunity to. What will happen when Justin wants to spend more time with her and she realizes all of the feeling she has for him. This story is about basically every beliebers dream. Remember that dreams come true if you believe.


3. Chapter 3

 The week of the concert actually went by surprisingly fast. Hailey, Lizzie and I hung out almost everyday after school. We decided that we shouldn't make t-shirts to wear to the meet and greet because we didn't want him to think that we were overly obsessed fans. (If we weren't going to the meet and greet we would have.) Every day we would pick out a different outfit because we couldn't make up our mind on what to wear. Everything has to be absolutely perfect for the night of the concert.


It was Monday, the day before the concert. I couldn't concentrate on anything at school. All day I was just thinking about the concert. I didn't want to get my hopes up too high in case I would be disappointed. I couldn't stop thinking about how I would get to see the love of my life. I didn't just like Justin because of his looks or his music. I felt like Justin and I would be a perfect match...as if every belieber doesn't think that. I felt like I knew Justin on a personal level. He was everything I thought about. I don't remember anything about my day at school because I couldn't focus at all. When I got home I ran up to my room and put my phone into my ihome and blasted Justin's music. I went on my  bed and just smiled up at the ceiling like a freak. I couldn't stop smiling. I was so happy and excited.


Hailey, Lizzie and I decided that we would leave for the concert around 1pm and go out to eat and then head to the concert. The concert started at 7pm, but we wanted to be there early for the meet and greet . I woke up on Tuesday at 5:45am because I couldn't sleep. I tried to go back to sleep for about five minutes before I realized that there was no use. My mom had finally agreed to let me take school off today after a week of begging so I got out of bed and hopped in the shower. I stayed in the shower for a while just enjoying the warm water. I had nowhere to be and it was about 6:15 when I got out of the shower. I blew dry my hair, threw on some sweats and a t-shirt then hopped on my bed. I didn't want to wake up Hailey and Lizzie by calling them but I couldn't contain my excitement. I called them and I was surprised to find out that they were already awake. We didn't really talk, we were mostly just screaming and talking about how excited we were. I told them that they should just come over already and we could hang out and get ready together like we had planned. They were up for it. Around 7am they were at my house. They came up to my room and we once again blasted Justin's music and sat on my bed talking about what we thought the concert would be like. We started getting ready at 10 o'clock. We had to do our hair, our makeup, get our outfits on. I straigtned my hair, and for my makeup I didn't want to go over the top but I put enough on. Hailey also straightned her hair, and Lizzie just touched up her already naturaly wavy hair.


My heart was beating out of my chest as we walked up to the Arena. It was 1:45 and the meet and greet started at 3pm. We decieded to go ahead and get in line because it was already forming. We waited in line for what seemed like FOREVER! We listened to music, we talked, we jumped up and down, we cried, and repeated it until we were finally standing next in line. I was trying not to cry, even though the tears were streaming down my face, because I wanted to look decent in the m&g picture. I thought I was going to pass out because I couldn't breathe and I probably looked like a mental patient. The called next so I wiped my tears, took a deep breath and walked through the curtain. Then, I saw his face and he saw mine. We both looked straight into eachothers eyes.










Sorry it has been so long since I have updated, I will try to update more often. I know the story has been kinda off to a slow start, but the good part is just coming. Thank you to everyone who favorited this book! It made me so happy!! Once again I am so sorry it took so long to update. I really hope you guys like it. The next chapters will move more quickly and be more exciting.

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