Chloe Tomlinson is Louis Tomlinsons sister she lives with the boys and is dating Liam.


7. News

-Liam's Pov-

Someone knocked on the door and I rushe to open it. It was Lily and she had tears in her eyes. I pulled her into my room and Chloe and the boys followed I slammed the door in their face and locked it. I immediately asked "what's wrong babe?"

-Louis Pov-

The boys, Chloe and I were outside Liam's door and Listening. I suddenly heard something and gasped, Chloe burst into tears and ran down the stairs and out the door even though it was 8:30.

-Lily's Pov-

I told Liam I was pregnet an he said "I'll support you an stay with you no matter what". Awe he's a sweetly I derserve him so much more then Chloe.

-Chloe's Pov-

As soon as I herd pregent and stay with you no matter what I started bawling and I ran down the stairs and out the door. I started walking Down The footpath thinking about everything I started to think about Harry he was so sweet and Ho.. Wait was I developing feelings for Harry ? My thoughts were interrupted by someone roughly pulling me into an alleyway and the ripped of my clothes. I started to silently cry because I knew if I made noise or tried to fight it would get worse. When he was done with me I was thrown to the ground an I passed out the last thing I hear was "Chloe !" And the last thing I thought was 'I've been raped'

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